Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dunkin’, and BurgerFi- are just a few of the many restaurants that are now using self-ordering kiosk systems. 

With the pandemic, the kiosk technology has not only gained momentum but also changed customer behavior.

More people are beginning to prefer contactless ordering using the kiosk. One study found that 74% of respondents are either likely or very likely to use kiosks for placing orders in QSRs and fast-casual restaurants. 

This is not a trend but a calculated decision that is proving to increase profits for restaurants and businesses of all types along with other benefits. And before we look into that, let’s first understand what is a kiosk ordering system and how it works.

What is a Kiosk Ordering System?

A kiosk ordering system allows customers to place their orders using self-service kiosks integrated with the business’ POS system. 

It involves the integration of hardware such as the kiosk itself and display boards, and software that is integrated into the POS.

How a Kiosk Ordering System Works

Kiosk manufacturers such as Frank Mayer, American Kiosks, Kiosk Information Systems, SAMSUNG, and others, supply the hardware component of the system. 

Software companies such as GRUBBRR supply software that streamlines the processes involved from placing an order and processing payment to sending the information to the kitchen. 

The kiosk ordering software companies often partner with other software solution providers that specialize in payment processing and CRM.

On the sales side, the customer can place the order as well as pay using the kiosk. 

The restaurant can start preparing the order as soon as it is placed on the kiosk. Once in the system, this information is available to see on the kitchen display system. 

The same principle is applicable to other types of businesses. 

Once the order is ready for pickup, the customer can be informed through various ways such as displaying order status on digital screens or updating via text message. 

Benefits of Self-Ordering Kiosks

The self-ordering kiosk system is beneficial for both the customer as well as the business in many ways. 

Women interacting with a kiosk.


Increase in Average Ticket Size

Most recently, BurgerFi ran a pilot program testing the self-ordering kiosk technology and found an 18.5 percent increase in average ticket size. Following the results, the fast-casual restaurant chain is now rolling out self-ordering kiosks at multiple locations.

Other restaurants have seen similar results where implementing a food ordering kiosk system has proven to increase average ticket size, leading to more revenue.

Counter labor shortages

Since the pandemic hit, various industries including food services have been struggling with labor shortages. Deploying kiosk technology eliminates the need for a cashier and helps in keeping the cost down. The same staff can also be used to help with other positions.  

Eliminate long lines

The food ordering kiosk technology can help businesses reduce wait times for customers. This is true for a range of businesses be it fast-casual restaurants, airports, retail stores, or supermarkets. 

Convenient and contactless 

The pandemic has changed customer interactions, as more people prefer a safe and convenient contactless ordering experience. This can be easily achieved with kiosk technology with user-friendly menu navigation and offers various payment methods to the customers. 


In the same case study, BurgerFi also learned that 52% of its customers opted for an upsell. The easy navigation, appealing visuals, and the option to add more items easily to the order can be attributed to the increase in upselling using kiosks. 

Ordering through kiosks gives customers enough time to themselves to decide what they want without feeling pressured and pay when they are ready. 

Accurate and easy to mange 

The kiosk ordering system reduces the chances of human error and miscommunication. Cloud-based kiosk software comes with the additional benefits of having remote access all the time. 

This means that an error with the POS can be fixed remotely. The menu on the kiosk can be frequently and easily updated based on the sales data or the client’s preference. 

Why Your Business Should Use a Kiosk Ordering System


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The benefits of using the kiosk ordering technology are not just limited to restaurants. Self-service kiosk technology can be used in a range of stores- retail stores, grocery stores, stadiums, casinos, and airports- self-service kiosk technology can be used in various industries. 

The kiosk technology can be customized according to your business needs. 

For instance, a kiosk solution for a retail store can automatically update the inventory when something is out of stock. This makes it easier for the business to restock timely and let the customer know by when they can expect the item to be back in stock.  

Another great example of customizing the kiosk technology would be the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

The postal service provider has been using self-service kiosk technology at many of its locations. The customer can access the kiosk for a range of services including weighing mails. These kiosks have additional features such as an in-built camera that allows the customer to interact with the employees.

In conclusion, there are many other ways businesses can customize the kiosk self-ordering technology to improve efficiency along with other benefits

You should also ask the software provider about theft prevention and other safety measures.

What to Look for When Purchasing a POS Kiosk

As mentioned earlier, kiosk service providers partner with other software companies to provide services such as payment processing and CRM tools. However, most kiosk service providers can integrate with an existing POS. 

Book a demo to meet with the sales team of various kiosk solution providers and compare the price. Ask the providers if they have clients in the same business as you. 

Be clear on what services are available to your business for free, such as marketing, updating inventory, integrating loyalty programs, and so on. 

The best ordering kiosk system will help you make your business more efficient, improve customer experience, increase revenue, cut labor costs, and streamline other services of the business. 

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