As supermarkets introduce automation, customers have gained control of the purchasing process. Self-ordering kiosks are giving the power to the customer, making them more satisfied with the shopping experience 

According to a study, the number of self-ordering kiosks around the world reached 325,000 last year and some stores, such as micro markets, have become fully self-service. However, self-service  leaves marketplaces vulnerable to theft and void transactions as customers no longer feel monitored by cashiers. In many self-checkout terminals, perpetrators are known to switch labels on certain products, obscure the barcode, or stack items together. Most thieves, however, bypass the kiosk entirelyHere are some of the ways self-ordering kiosks can prevent theft from occurring. 

Kiosk cameras 

Every self-ordering kiosk is equipped with a built-in security camera that monitors and captures images of any shoppers who are suspected of walking away without paying for their products. The security camera scans all customers walking in and out of the area and will detect unscanned barcodes if they leave the market. If the system identifies a transaction as “suspicious” it can send the video and product information to the database system and alert the manager immediately. The built-in kiosk security camera, along with anti-theft scanners at the exits, will safeguard against theft at self-ordering kiosks.  

Weighing items 

A lot of self-checkout kiosks in supermarkets require the customer to weigh the purchased items. If there are more things in the bag than the customer originally scanned, the kiosk can detect this and capture a picture of the individual and contact an employee. Most of the theft at these kiosks occurs when customers fail, perhaps accidentally, to scan all the items in their shopping cart. This method will ensure that every item is accounted and paid for. 


More and more marketplaces are switching to automated checkout methods in order to save costs and make shopping more convenient for the customer. However, self-service kiosks might turn honest customers into shoplifters because they no longer feel supervised by employees. Fortunately for your business, kiosk cameras and forms of anti-theft software will counteract the risk of theft. The future of self-ordering kiosks will ensure both efficiency and honesty for all purchases.