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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, GRUBBRR is a leading global commerce automation company at the forefront of self-ordering technologies. GRUBBRR’s award-winning eco-system, including kiosks, mobile ordering, contactless smart lockers and more, are proven to help businesses maximize revenue, decrease labor costs, and increase operational efficiency while improving the consumer experience.

GRUBBRR’s solutions are adaptable and beneficial to a multitude of businesses, and power both enterprise-level and small and medium businesses across verticals such as quick-service restaurants, fast casual restaurants, stadiums, movie theatres, casinos, micro-markets, retail, and more.

As a rapidly expanding self-ordering technology startup, GRUBBRR emphasizes a culture wherein employees can foster positive connections with their colleagues, generate growth and elevate productivity. The GRUBBRR environment not only celebrates, but cultivates creativity, originality and ambition amongst its employees.

Our fifty-thousand square foot headquarters in Boca Raton is officially open and available to tour both in person and virtually. Employees can enjoy this innovative, open-concept space and interact first-hand with the technology they work on everyday.

Tour Our New Office In 3D!
In our virtual tour, make your way through our interactive and collaborative office space, and be sure to check out the basketball court, nature park, and “Restaurant of the Future” installation.

Run your business faster, smarter, and better. Run your business with GRUBBRR.

Eliminate lines, improve accuracy, and create a better customer experience. Make your business the best it can be.