Recently, GRUBBRR CEO Sam Zietz and BurgerFi CTO Karl Goodhew sat down with QSR Magazine’s Danny Klein and Ben Coley for the QSR Uncut podcast. On the podcast, the two discussed BurgerFi’s rollout of the Samsung kiosk powered by GRUBBRR following an extremely successful pilot program.

The kiosks at BurgerFi absorb up to 133 orders per day on average, accounting for 75% of total orders placed in the store and 78% of net sales. They increase the average ticket size at BurgerFi by 18.5%, with 52% of customers opting into the upsell leading to increased revenue. You can view the BurgerFi Case Study here for a more in-depth look.

“We’re on our 48th version of our UI/UX,” said Zietz discussing the kiosk software. “This means we have made everything so intuitive that there is not a single stuck point when consumers use the kiosk. There are small intricacies that have been incorporated into the design so that anyone who uses the kiosk, whether they are 4 or 84, will be able to use the device.”

“Kiosks make sense from a financial perspective in that they are less than the all-in-cost of a POS solution and do not require a cashier. The upsell on the check means that we’re seeing more revenue per customer and deflecting the labor to spend time on value-add customer service rather than just taking an order,” said Goodhew.

GRUBBRR’s self-ordering solutions are in high demand and have demonstrated an immediate impact on businesses in three material ways: GRUBBRR increases revenue through algorithmically programmed upselling technology, decreases operating costs by streamlining efficiency and reducing the dependency on labor, and improves the customer experience by expediting average transaction time, eliminating order inaccuracies, and implementing loyalty integrations.

To me, it’s a no-brainer, and that’s why we rolled it out to corporate
– Karl Goodhew

Listen to the podcast here: