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Amusement Park Self-Ordering Kiosk Solutions

Meet the ultimate ordering solution. Our self-ordering food kiosks for amusement parks keep lines short, orders accurate, and customers happy.

Generate More Revenue

With our unique upsell technology, the GRUBBRR ordering system presents customers with order add-ons that they’re most likely to purchase. Increase your revenue while giving patrons what they want!

Conveniently Timed Orders

Put the power in the hands of theme park enthusiasts using our Samsung smart kiosk as your amusement park self-ordering solution. For example, patrons can order while waiting in lines for rides and set the time so that their food will be ready for pickup at their convenience.

Consolidated Menu Options

Consolidate multiple menus from amusement park restaurants and concession stands to one QR code or entertainment kiosk. As a result, customers can view all their options with ease and avoid crowding.

An Improved Guest Experience

Why make guests wait for food if they don’t have to?


Self-ordering kiosks limit lines and keep amusement park-goers well-fed. With mobility across devices, timed orders, and menu consolidation, GRUBBRR’s kiosks and mobile app make every transaction seamless.

GRUBBRR’s theme park kiosks allow park management teams to:

  • Mitigate crowding during peak hours
  • Streamline the food ordering process
  • Improve order accuracy and efficiency
  • Emphasize hygiene and safety standards with contactless transactions


Customers are happier when they’re allowed to place orders through a theme park kiosk. Why? They want the speed, ease, and accuracy that technology allows. Gone are the days of traditional, cashier-run concession stands.

Create a Healthier Guest Experience

Amusement parks can use self-ordering kiosks to encourage a safer, healthier experience with contactless pickup and online ordering.

Food kiosks allow guests to browse multiple food vendors with ease while minimizing unnecessary travel and face-to-face interaction. Once their order is ready, the guest simply goes to a designated pickup point or food locker.

When you equip your operation with the latest amusement park food-ordering kiosks, your guests and employees are happier and safer.

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Make Park Guests Happier & Boost Your Revenue

What’s the worst part about visiting amusement parks? The lines, of course!


That’s why we’ve redeveloped the concept of theme park dining to take your park to the next level.  Our amusement park self-ordering kiosks benefit both the consumer and the team behind it all.


With faster ordering and convenient pickup, wait times are drastically reduced and guests are happier. Shorter lines along with upselling technology will drive your sales and keep patrons at a safe distance. By streamlining operations and cutting costs with feature-rich omnichannel POS software, your revenue can reach its peak.


At GRUBBRR, problems only create opportunities. We develop technology that efficiently manages your business’s front- and back-end while giving you the flexibility to run day-to-day operations as effectively as possible.


Explore our theme park kiosks and software solutions today for a better amusement park tomorrow.

Eliminate lines and
accelerate your business

GRUBBRR can scale your business. Let us show you how.

Eliminate lines and
accelerate your business

GRUBBRR can scale your business. Let us show you how.