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Revolutionizing the Convenience Store
and Fueling Station Experience

Designed to
make your
business better!

Designed to make
your business better!

Introducing DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR

Dover Fueling Solutions has teamed up with GRUBBRR to introduce DX Market™, a self-ordering feature integrated into the DFS Anthem UX™ on the Wayne Ovation® dispenser. This venture with GRUBBRR bolsters revenue prospects for fuel retailers by allowing consumers to order food and shop while refueling. Additionally, DX Market offers tailored promotions and upselling through dynamic and still visuals. Embodying modern consumer desires, this innovation emphasizes the evolving automation and self-service trend at fuel stations.

The New Self-Ordering Solution for Convenience Stores & Fueling Stations

This new cutting-edge self-ordering technology, will launch a self-ordering solution within the DFS Anthem UX™ Platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser.


Now, retailers will be able to offer customers the convenience of ordering food and shopping for products while pumping gas.


Customers receive a text message when their order is ready for pick up within the store, saving time, enhancing efficiency of the fueling experience for customers and increasing revenue for retailers.

GRUBBRR Technology Features Include:

  • Multi-Tier Upselling
  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Customizable to Your Brand
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Rapid Customization
  • Real-Time Menu Control
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Multiple Order Types
  • Videos/Ads
  • Menu Promotions
  • Menu Customizations
  • Plus Much More!

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