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GRUBBRR offers a GRUBBRR Point of Sale, GRUBBRR Kiosk, GRUBBRR Kitchen Display, GRUBBRR Kitchen Printer, GRUBBRR Order Progress Board, GRUBBRR Online Ordering, GRUBBRR Mobile App, and a GRUBBRR Digital Menu Board (collectively, the “GRUBBRR Platform”).
GRUBBRR recommends you utilize the entire GRUBBRR Platform, so you have more time to focus on what matters, your customers’ experience!
Simply put, the GRUBBRR Kiosk never calls out sick, it shows up on time for work, and it may even help you upsell items to your customers! Additionally, the GRUBBRR Kiosk allows customers to enter their own order which minimizes the chance for error. Moreover, it allows for a contactless customer experience.
Yes, with the click of a button you can create reports based on your sales, employees, specific items, and/or your customers.
Please reach out to one of the GRUBBRR team members for pricing at 855-547-8227.
GRUBBRR believes it is best to use the GRUBBRR Platform in its entirety, but we are also able to create customized solutions to meet the specific demands of your business. GRUBBRR recommends you contact a GRUBBRR team member at 855-547-8227 to discuss your business’s needs and learn more about GRUBBRR’s various solutions that are designed to help your business operate more efficiently.

No, the GRUBBRR Kitchen Printer is not WiFi compatible. It must be hard wired to the internet.

Setup & Installation

GRUBBRR will ship your equipment order directly to you. Upon receipt, you will need to contact GRUBBRR and schedule a call with the GRUBBRR support team who will walk you through the setup process. Usually, setting up a GRUBBRR solution is as easy as plugging in a GRUBBRR Kiosk and/or GRUBBRR Point of Sale and connecting the device(s) to the internet. You can begin processing orders and taking payments shortly thereafter!

During the sign-up process, GRUBBRR will request a copy of your menu along with any product modifiers or combinations that you wish to display on your GRUBBRR Kiosk and/or GRUBBRR Point of Sale. Additionally, you will need to provide GRUBBRR with .PNG transparent background images of your products to be uploaded with your menu. Upon receipt of your images, a GRUBBRR specialist will upload your menu and create a custom User Interface (UI) in about 4-5 business days. Thereafter, you will receive a proof of your menu to review and approve. Once GRUBBRR receives your final menu approval, a GRUBBRR specialist will provide you with the final product within 2 business days. Don’t worry, if you need to make changes to your menu in the future, GRUBBRR will provide you with training on how to make changes through the GRUBBRR system’s backend.
GRUBBRR recommends you display the GRUBBRR Kiosk in an area that makes the GRUBBRR Kiosk easily visible to your customers. This will encourage your customers to use the GRUBBRR Kiosk to place orders and free up, or even eliminate the need for, cashiers.
GRUBBRR partners with technicians throughout the United States, and many parts of Canada, who are ready to install your GRUBBRR solution. This network of technicians allows GRUBBRR to provide unparalleled service and in-person customer support. GRUBBRR will also recommend reputable companies for you to contact in the event you need to install certain network or electrical connections prior to the arrival of your GRUBBRR solution. GRUBBRR will provide you with a site readiness package that contains all the information you need to ensure you have what is needed to run your GRUBBRR solution.

Payments & Integrations

Yes, the GRUBBRR kiosk works with:
Clover POS, Square POS, Brink POS, Oracle 2.7 Simphony POS, and Oracle Micros Res 3700 POS. We can also integrate with any POS system if they use the online ordering platform Olo.

GRUBBRR currently supports all Dip, Tap and Swipe payments (EMV, Mobile Pay, MSR).

GRUBBRR fully integrates with Referrizer. Please contact a member of the GRUBBRR team to schedule a demonstration today!
You are able to use a GRUBBRR Kiosk alongside a Clover system; however, your customers’ orders placed through the GRUBBRR Kiosk will not display within the Clover System. GRUBBRR recommends you either upgrade to the GRUBBRR Point of Sale solution or utilize the GRUBBRR Kitchen Printer to facilitate orders.
The GRUBBRR platform requires internet access.


There is no maximum; however, just remember, the fewer the items, the quicker the customer could search through your menu on the GRUBBRR Kiosk.

GRUBBRR has the ability to create and develop interfaces for all sorts of environments. GRUBBRR Kiosks could be used in a simple manner to educate customers or a complex manner containing hundreds of menu options and modifications to choose from.

This is done in the GRUBBRR Platform’s backend via just a few clicks. In doing so, you push new items to your GRUBBRR Kiosk, GRUBBRR Point of Sale, and online and mobile ordering applications instantly.

  • Transparent Background
  • 512×512
  • .png file format
  • Hi-Res files are preferred
GRUBBRR recommends utilizing no more than 10 menus. The most common industries using multiple menus are stadiums, food courts, and food trucks.
GRUBBRR recommends hiring a local photographer to photograph such items that are specific to your menu, as pictures are key features as customers often buy with their eyes. GRUBBRR will, to the extent possible, utilize stock photos for your menu if you request. In the event stock photos are unavailable for one (or more) of your menu items, GRUBBRR will use your logo as a place holder until you provide GRUBBRR with the necessary images.
The most efficient method is to provide GRUBBRR with your login credentials to an existing online ordering page containing your menu. You will need to confirm with GRUBBRR that such online ordering page contains the correct information and pricing. You can also send an image or copy of your paper menu via email.


The GRUBBRR Platform requires internet access; however, in the event internet access is momentarily lost, the GRUBBRR Platform will remain active. Orders will still be sent to the GRUBBRR Kitchen Printer and/or GRUBBRR Point of Sale. Credit card transactions will process once the internet is back up and running. If consistent internet connectivity is an issue, GRUBBRR maintains multiple failover options that utilize cell networks (failover required – additional cost associated).


Support is GRUBBRR’s #1 feature! Have confidence that a GRUBBRRR specialist is there to assist you with GRUBBRR equipment, GRUBBRR software, or related payment issues. GRUBBRR maintains a crash analytics system to receive alerts when your internet is down or any other connectivity issues arise. Upon receipt of a crash alert, GRUBBRR will proactively call the impacted location and work with you or a member of your team until the system is back up and running.

Terms & Definitions

Software as a Service. Rather than using a Cloud-based structure, GRUBBRR’s solutions are built in this format so that you never have to pay for additional features or updates.

Order & Ticketing

i. The GRUBBRR Platform can issue a ticket number
at the GRUBBRR Point of Sale or GRUBBRR Kiosk.
ii. GRUBBRR Platform can capture customers’ phone
numbers and text once orders are complete.
You can use a heated or cooled locker with the
GRUBBRR Platform. Upon arrival at your location, the customer scans the QR code (issued through the GRUBBRR interface) that will open the locker containing the customer’s food inside.
iii. You can utilize a digital board that contains
customers’ names and/or ticket numbers once orders are complete.

1-100 and then the numbers reset to 1.

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Boca Raton, Florida. Additionally, GRUBBRR maintains partner offices across the US and Canada.

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