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Diced Restaurant


Decrease Costs. Increase Revenue.

GRUBBRR is the upgrade you've been waiting for.

Bust through long lines during high peak times. Absorb lines by directing traffic to strategically placed kiosks inside your business.

Ensure customers receive exactly what they ordered every single time. Give customers the power to self-modify and customize orders at their convenience.

Customizing orders using a self-service kiosk gives customers more control over their order. This increase in control translates into an increase in average ticket size.

Turn your employees into customer service champs! Free up your staffs’ time to focus on providing an enhanced customer experience to all diners while the kiosks handle customers.


Everything you need to run your business.

Once you order your system it can be up and running in as little as 48 hours. We promise quick configuration and easy setup, 24-hour support and an experience that your customers will enjoy returning to again and again.

Offer customers an easy to use self-service kiosk alternative to traditional ordering

Process sales, track inventory and access critical business reports all in one system

Add a reliable, convenient and user-friendly online ordering experience to your business

Eliminate paper tickets and keep up with real time orders through a brightly lit kitchen display screen

Self-Service Kiosks
for every space and style.

Indoor or outdoor, choose from a variety of sizes and hardware mounts to create the perfect self-service system for your business.

Point of Sale
to run your business.

The GRUBBRR POS is a quick and light application to accept payments and manage your business, that can be setup in minutes. Bring your own Android or Apple device, or select one of our cost efficient hardware systems.

for quick and easy ordering

Our companion mobile app brings a fully customizeable ordering experience to your customers. Use it as a stand-alone application or pair it seamlessly with our Kiosk or Point-of-Sale solutions.


  • “We didn’t need to train our customers on how to use Grubbrr, it was a very simple process for them, it was like using their cellphone.”

    Otto Perez Co-Founder of Diced

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