Restaurateurs know the stress and difficulties that come with managing a restaurant. Between employees, supplies, customers, and cash flow there’s a lot to look after.

At GRUBBRR, we want to take all of that stress away. With our restaurant menu management system, managing all of this becomes much easier. Using a high-quality menu management system for restaurants gives you a birds-eye view of everything you need to look after.

A restaurant menu management system not only lets you take care of this on the back end, but lets your customers quickly and easily understand your menu and order their food. What goes into our digital menu software, and why should you use it?

Designing A Digital Menu Board

One key part of a restaurant menu management system is designing a digital menu board. These let you quickly and easily update your menu, with the changes being reflected for customers in real time. It saves you the hassle – and money – involved in designing and printing off paper options.

It also lets customers decide what they want to buy quickly and easily, and provides multiple other benefits, including:

  • Encouraging customers to focus on particular items
  • Increasing overall revenue
  • Decreasing time it takes customers to order

You’ll need to be able to design your menu board to take advantage of these benefits. With GRUBBRR’s menu management software, that’s a breeze. You’ll need to keep a few key factors in mind when you’re putting this together, including:

  • Keep It Simple – Simple menus are easier to understand. Making things as simple as possible lets your customers read through and order from your menu quickly.
  • Have Categories – If you categorize your menu, you can increase revenues by approximately 10% to 15%. No matter which way you categorize them, it’s sure to help.

Once you’ve designed your digital menu board with our restaurant menu management software, you’re off to the races. Your customers can order with ease, but then comes managing the orders and getting the food ready.

Restaurant Ticket System

Your chefs and other employees will need to manage each order so they can get everything cooked quickly and to a high standard. That’s where our restaurant ticket system comes into play.

You might already be familiar with the standard paper equivalent to this, which can be wasteful and take a lot of time. It also runs the risk of orders not being seen. With GRUBBRR’S menu management system for restaurants, that isn’t a problem.

These are digital display boards you can use to keep kitchen staff informed of any new orders. As soon as a customer orders a particular item – and it’s inputted into the system – it shows up straight away on this digital board.

Your kitchen staff is informed in real-time, which gets things done much faster. You’ll reduce your customers’ wait times more than you’d think. There are more than a few reasons why you should consider this, including:

  • Improving order accuracy
  • Streamlining ordering and cooking
  • Tracking overall fulfilment times
  • Making your restaurant more efficient

Why You Need Restaurant Menu Management Software

GRUBBRR will work with you to make sure our system is fully integrated into your restaurant so you can take full advantage of them. We tailor our approach to your particular needs, so you can rest assured you have a personalized restaurant menu management system for you.

Menu Management Software Helps Restaurant Efficiently Update Prices And Specials

If you’re like many other restaurants, you could have paper menus, which are difficult and time-consuming to update regularly. That’s especially true if you’re redesigning the menu itself.

Your employees could better spend that time on other areas, such as kitchen prep.

Why not let them do exactly that? With GRUBBRR’s reliable and trusted menu management system, you can let them do that. Prices and specials can be updated with the click of a few buttons, which lets you save all the time you otherwise would’ve spent on changing and printing any physical menus.

With the time savings, you and your staff can better prepare for when customers start walking through the door.

Design A Digital Menu That Represents Your Restaurant In A Unique Way

Every restaurant needs to stand out from its competition. Sadly, it takes more than simply cooking and serving amazing food to customers. An effective way to stand out is to enhance your visuals throughout the restaurant.

You’ll need to give your customers a unique and welcoming experience that they’ll want to receive time and time again. With a reliable restaurant menu management system, you can do precisely that. The time savings you see with these systems play a role in this, but it’s far from the only way it does so.

A digital menu is fully customizable, so rest assured it represents your brand and restaurant in the way that you want. If you choose GRUBBRR, we take great measures to ensure that that is the case.

It’s something you should expect, no matter which menu management system for restaurants you choose. Why not represent your restaurant in a unique way that’s tied directly into your needs?

Your digital menu will look and act exactly as you need it to. You’ll create a much more welcoming and unique experience because of that.

Restaurant Management Software Aligns Your Menu With Stock And Inventory

Has a customer ever ordered something from your restaurant, only for you to realize you don’t have everything you need to fulfil the order? That puts you in quite an awkward situation. You mightn’t be able to get these supplies for another few days, so you’ll need to inform the customer that you can’t fulfil the order.

Nobody wants that to happen. The customer doesn’t get the meal they wanted, and your restaurant looks unprofessional. You risk gaining a negative reputation and losing a potential customer.

Regular inventory checks help avoid this, but these are tiresome and take up a lot of time. With the right restaurant menu management software, you make that a breeze. You can automatically tie orders to inventory and make sure you have enough supplies to get you through service.

GRUBBRR’s system lets you keep track of everything, which lets you order new supplies when you need them the most.

Save yourself the frustration and negative reputation by installing and setting up the system as quickly as possible.

Wrapping Up

With a high-quality restaurant menu management system, you can more effectively run your restaurant without the stress. GRUBBRR’s menu management system for restaurants includes everything you’ll need to do this.

By taking advantage of the system, you won’t need to pull your hair out to figure things out. Instead, our restaurant menu management system keeps your hair intact and prevents your stress levels from getting out of control.

What’s stopping you from implementing and taking advantage of a trusted menu management software? Save yourself the stress, and let our restaurant menu management software help take care of everything for you. Visit for more information!