How often have you wished you could run your franchise restaurant better? You could want to increase efficiency, make it easier for customers to order, or decrease the time it takes to get orders out.

With the right restaurant franchise management software, you can make things much simpler. At GRUBBRR, we specialize in helping restaurant and franchise owners make things much more manageable.

By using our restaurant franchise food management software – also known as a franchise restaurant logistics software – you get a bird’s eye view of everything. Armed with that, you can manage everything related to your restaurant more effectively.

If you’re new to the food industry, however, you might be confused by what a franchise restaurant management system or how a restaurant automation system can help you. It’s worth diving into how our restaurant franchise software can let you run your franchise more effectively.

What Is A Franchise Management System?

A franchise management system is a catch-all term used to describe any software that helps you run your operations much more effectively. When they’re doing so, they let you take advantage of all the benefits listed above, and others.

You can implement these systems to tackle your franchise’s specific needs. and You can use such a system to streamline your inventory, manage reservations, handle billing, and much more. These can be implemented with the point-of-sale system you already have in place.

As a result, you can enhance the benefits that your POS system offers while adding quite a few additional ones on top of this.  Some of the other benefits that a franchise restaurant food management software includes:

  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Decreased customer wait times
  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing order errors

With these, there’s no reason not to consider implementing a franchise restaurant logistics software into your daily operations. Get in touch today, and our team of friendly experts will be happy to help you.

Benefits Of Restaurant Management Systems

Some of the benefits of a franchise restaurant management system might seem obvious. It lets you more effectively run your restaurant without needing to spend too much time or effort on it. The benefits of restaurant management system extend far beyond that, however.

When you work with GRUBBRR, you can expect:

  • Sales Tracking – With a franchise restaurant logistics software, you can more easily track your sales and keep a close eye on everything.
  • Improved Customer Relations – Restaurant franchise food management software lets customers order food faster and easier, improving your overall customer relations.
  • Waste Control – With better inventory oversight comes less waste. You’ll only order as much as you need to operate, so there are no leftovers you need to get rid of.

Automation In Restaurants

With these systems, automation is also a possibility, which offers a range of benefits in itself. It makes running your franchise much easier while also saving you a significant amount of time.

The automation protocol in a franchise restaurant management system lets you automatically generate real-time reports to see how everything’s going. With this, you can make much better decisions for your franchise and adjust operations based on accurate information.

Automation in restaurants lets you improve on the fly without needing to put in much effort. It also affects how you order supplies for your kitchen, and this can be done automatically. It’s as simple as setting things up, and the software will order in new supplies when you need them.

You can spend much more time on the areas that generate revenue while resting easy knowing that the rest is being taken care of.

Restaurant Franchise Management Software Essentials

The essentials of a restaurant franchise management system let you put the software to multiple uses. Many of these should be self-evident, but some of them mightn’t be quite so obvious. You’d already know that restaurant franchise software helps you run your franchise much more effectively.

How, exactly, can it do that? By implementing and using it the right way, you can rest assured you’ll see better daily and weekly operations, with the benefits of a franchise restaurant food management system growing month-on-month.

Some of the more notable ways this will be seen include:

Manage Online Orders With Restaurant Franchise Software

Customers are ordering food online increasingly more often, which adds a lot of complications for franchise owners and restaurateurs. You’ll not only have to make sure the food is cooked properly, but is delivered quickly and while the food is still hot.

With everything that could go wrong, that seems like a daunting prospect. It doesn’t need to be with GRUBBRR’s franchise restaurant logistics software. With our system, you’ll see all of the information you need at a glance and be able to manage the orders much more effectively.

That way, the food gets cooked quickly, and your delivery drivers are able to get to the customers faster. It leads to happier customers and more productive employees. During this entire time, you can keep an eye on things to make sure everything’s being done appropriately.

In time, that leads to fewer complaints from customers about cold or undelivered food. You’ll more effectively manage your online orders without needing to put much effort into it.

Optimize Your Restaurant Logistics On A Franchise Level

When you run a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure you always have the supplies to get you through the day. As complicated as that is, it becomes more and more complex with each franchise you open. You’ll need to make sure the right orders get to the right franchise.

Hiccups can happen unless you have everything accurately ordered. Some franchises may get the wrong order or mightn’t even get as much as they need. That has a domino effect and affects the rest of the franchise’s operations, leading to a lot of stress and hassle.

With a franchise restaurant logistics software, however, you can oversee this with the click of a few buttons. By doing so, you can optimize your logistics and make sure each franchise gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Manage Table Seating And Kitchen Order Tracking Directly Within Your Restaurant Franchise Software

You’ll need to keep track of the tables and their related orders to make sure everyone gets the right food in a timely fashion. In the past, servers used to do this by memory, but this can be unreliable. Sometimes people forget which table ordered what, which occasionally leads to customers being served the wrong food.

With a restaurant franchise food management software, you avoid that. You’ll know which table ordered what food at a glance, making sure you and your employees don’t make any mistakes.

Given how beneficial a restaurant franchise management software is, implementing and using it the right way is essential. It helps set you apart from your competition while controlling costs and inventory. You, your customers, and your franchise will benefit from it.

Wrapping Up

With the benefits that the right restaurant franchise management software offers your business, there’s no reason not to implement one into your operations. When you do, you’ll need to make sure you pick the best restaurant franchise food management software for your needs.

At GRUBBRR, that’s what we specialize in. We take the time to understand your needs, so we can customize our franchise restaurant logistics software to them. You shouldn’t have a problem making sure your franchise runs effectively.