G-R-U-B-B-R-R, our 7-letter brand name is fun to say. But not so much fun to spell. 

Our brand name is a fun spin-off of the word ‘grub’ which means to scavenge or in some way scrounge, typically for food according to Wiktionary.

But GRUBBRR was not the first name choice for founder Bhavin Asher. 

He originally wanted to name the company “Pangea” but had to drop it since the domain name was unavailable for this word. 

Asher’s second idea was to pick a name that relates to food and technology. After a few versions of the word grub, GRUBBRR was selected to be the official name.

We are GRUBBRR, NOT Grubhub

And no, we are NOT related to Grubhub. But we do get the resemblance. 

While we do not deliver food, we are known for the best self-ordering kiosk solutions for restaurants. 


It’s not just Grubhub that we often get confused with. We did a quick analytics check to find out the most common misspellings of our brand name GRUBBRR.
The following misspellings are listed from highest to lowest search volume:

  1. Grub 
  2. Grubb
  3. Grubbr
  4. Grubber
  5. Grubr
  6. Grubrr
  7. Grubhub
  8. Grubrrr
  9. Grubbbr
  10. Gruber

What’s in a name you may ask? Nothing. We agree. No matter how you spell GRUBBRR, you can still easily find us online. 

So what is GRUBBRR?

GRUBBRR provides commerce automation software and kiosk solutions to businesses, proven to improve the customer experience and boost revenue. 

We collaborate with various other software and hardware companies to provide solutions that streamline operations and make businesses more efficient.

Most recently, one of the nation’s fastest-growing QSR brands, BurgerFi, has trusted us to provide them with all-in-one SAMSUNG kiosks powered by GRUBBRR. The decision to choose our technology came after a successful pilot program in four BurgerFi locations that showed an increase in average ticket size by 18.5%, with 52% of customers choosing to opt-in to the upsell.

Our self-service kiosks can solve major challenges in the restaurant industry such as labor shortage and inflation.
So yes, we are NOT Grubhub, we are GRUBBRR, a leader in self-ordering technology that is revolutionizing the way commerce is transacted.

You can learn more about GRUBBRR on our website. To get regular updates, follow us on LinkedIn.

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