Kitchen display systems are a superior alternative to traditional paper tickets. While many restaurants are attempting to automate the frontend of restaurants by providing digital menu boards and self-ordering kiosks, the backend is often ignored. 

Kitchen display systems provide a seamless back of  house experience for your employees, so they can work to the best of their abilities to serve your customers. 

These systems can substantially improve the functioning of your kitchen. Here are a few ways how. 

1. Optimize Order Accuracy 

With a kitchen display system, the chance for human errors is significantly reduced. Once customers enter their order into the system via a self-ordering kiosk or mobile point-of-sale system, the completed order proceeds directly to the kitchen.  

In this process, the cashier as an intermediary is removed and consequently, any room for human error is immediately eliminated.  

2. Increase Kitchen Work Flow Efficiency 

Kitchen display systems organize incoming orders to ensure maximum efficiency. The orders are sorted according to importance and urgency so your employees know exactly which orders to complete first.  

These display systems are brightly colored and lit, ensuring your employees can clearly keep track of orders and work on them collectively. 

Kitchen display systems also allow for monitoring and timekeeping. As a restaurateur, you can increase work efficiency by monitoring how long it takes for your staff to complete an order, from start to finish. By observing what part of the order preparation process takes the most time, you can identify inefficiencies and attempt to fix them. 

The system also automatically sets timed goals for order completion. These concrete goals ensure that your employees work as fast as possible to provide a pleasant dining experience to your customers.  

3. Less Paper Usage 

By using kitchen display systems, you will also be contributing  to waste reduction. Paper tickets are a huge waste of natural resources. In this sense, kitchen display systems are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper tickets. 

4. Streamlined Kitchen Communications 

Kitchen display systems organize internal communications to guarantee no order is missed.  

Traditional order tickets cannot promise the same. These tickets are easy to misplace and misinterpret, but with a color-coded and brightly lit display system, these mistakes can be easily avoided. 

With kitchen display systems, orders proceed straight from customers to the kitchen to eliminate miscommunication in the relay process. Plus, your employees have the ability to change an order status from received to completed, keeping everyone in the loop on what they need to do.  

5. Customer Satisfaction 

All restaurant operations have one ultimate goal  customer satisfaction.  

Streamlining in the order preparation process leads to a swift and efficient kitchen workflow. This, in turn, guarantees a comfortable and relaxing dining experience for customers and transparent food preparation process for employees.