During the COVID-19 pandemic, sports fans across the country have found themselves deprived of watching their favorite  teams play. However, as the country slowly begins to reopen, sports leagues are already discussing the return of their seasons this summer. Most sports, like soccer, basketball, and hockey, are planning to return with limited fan capacity in the stadiums to comply with social distancing protocols. The post-COVID world will emerge with empty stadiums during professional sporting events, and slowly allow more and more fans to attend as regulations become more lenient.  

What will stadium food ordering look like post-COVID? 

Mitigating crowded areas is absolutely essential in bringing fans back to sporting events. Picture concession stands at stadiums. Imagine the long, crowded lines of people waiting to order their food, all standing inches apart. This is precisely what needs to be avoided if stadiums are to reopen to fans once sports seasons kick off. It’s obvious: contactless food ordering techniques are going to be the key to safely holding large sporting events in packed stadiums again. This is exactly what contactless food ordering software aims to do through three primary goals: 

1. Limiting Travel 

A major complaint when ordering food in stadiums is the distance a fan needs to travel to get to the concession stand in the first place. GRUBBRR’s self-ordering options, for instance, are designed to allow the consumer to order their food right from the comfort of their own seat. This isn’t just more efficient and easier for the consumers, but it also limits the amount of people walking around the stadium at once. 

2. Timed Orders 

Another key to preventing crowding involves allowing consumers to select a specific time for their food to be ready for pick-up. This way the consumer will not have to leave their seat until they know that their food will be ready. It doesn’t get simpler than that. Food lockers are the perfect way to keep food at the right temperature, keep the delivery and pick-up process contactless, and minimize crowding with timed orders. 

3. More Variety 

To give the consumer a large variety of food to choose from, GRUBBRR’s contactless ordering software can program multiple menus into one QR-code. This allows the consumer to engage with multiple places and cuisines at once, further limiting travel to places that may be far away. A larger variety of places to choose from means that all concession stands will continue to make good business no matter where they are located within the stadium. This benefit will surely persist even after COVID; no one will need to walk across an entire stadium and wait in a line, potentially missing the game, just to satisfy their craving. 

Benefits of contactless ordering in stadiums 

Reopening stadiums and arenas to fans can occur faster if unnecessary crowding is prevented. Doing so requires keeping fans in their seats and limiting food purchases to only pick-up orders that are scheduled for a selected time. Consumers don’t want to leave their seat, wait in a long line, and miss part of the game they’re paying to watchSelf-ordering options are safer, but also much more efficient, for every fan.  They are sure to last even as COVID fades.