Food Lockers

GRUBBRR food lockers allow your customers to order and plan ahead so they can pick up their order at their own convenience and with minimal human contact. Food lockers will help eliminate wait times and create better experiences for your customers and your staff. Our food lockers are highly customizable and adaptable to your needs. Request a demo with our sales team to find out more.

Cut Down on Errors and Stolen Orders

Incorrect and misplaced orders hurt your brand. Paying attention to accuracy can turn one-time patrons into loyal customers.

No more mix-ups

By assigning each order to its own individual cubicle, nothing can be mixed up by a delivery driver or taken home by the wrong customer.

PIN-protection guarantees security

Lockers are protected to safeguard orders from theft and tampering.  Only customers who have been issued the correct PIN can access the locker containing their meal.

Transform the Dining Experience

Our food lockers provide a safe and convenient order-to-fulfillment process for staff and customers alike. Increase satisfaction amongst your employees and patrons with this incredible tool.

Customers can place and pick up orders on their own schedule. They receive a notification once their order is ready and can swing by your restaurant at any time. No matter when they show up, their meal will still be fresh!

Reduce wait times
Long lines are a red-flag for customers looking to grab their takeout and go. Our food lockers place orders in individual cubicles to ensure everyone has instant access to their meals.

Minimize human contact
Two-sided cubicle doors ensure that staff and customers can access the same compartments without overlapping surfaces, reducing the risk of transmitting COVID or any other illnesses.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Our lockers can be personalized to suit your location, order volume, and creative desires. We ensure total flexibility and give you control over your own lockers.

Temperature controls
With our adjustable temperature controls, orders are guaranteed to stay fresh. You can even change the temperature from one cubicle to the next to suit the orders placed inside. This allows unused cubicles to remain at ambient temperatures and lessens your carbon footprint.

Custom design
Food lockers can be designed to reflect consistency with your brand and color scheme. Plus, individual cubicles come with fluorescent LED lights that also reflect your desired colors.

Modular Construction
The lockers have a compact and adaptable design to suit the limitations of your space. We can add or remove lockers—whatever works for you.