Cohesive, Streamlined Software to Optimize Your Business

Our intuitive system creates efficient management, consumer confidence, and more revenue with our omni-channel design.

Cohesive, Streamlined Software to Optimize Your Business

Our intuitive system creates efficient management, consumer confidence, and more revenue with our omni-channel design.

Our omni-channel ecosystem includes the following software capabilities:


Self-Ordering Kiosks

Offer customers an easy to use self-service kiosk as an easy and safe alternative to traditional ordering. Our customizable solution drives revenue by eliminating long lines and offering the perfect upsell with every order – happier customers means better business.

Contactless Ordering

The safest and smartest business move in the post-COVID word is one that invests in omni-channel ordering options that eliminates unnecessary human contact. Our contactless ordering system gives the consumer the ultimate flexibility in how they engage with your business, and gives you a streamlined, cohesive system.


Thermal Check-In Kiosk

Protect your customers and your staff with fast and accurate temperature reading kiosks to efficiently screen everyone who walks in and out of your business venue. Our kiosks represent an overt and sure commitment to raising the health safety standards of your business.


Curbside Delivery

Prevent crowding inside your venue with curbside delivery that lets your business generate revenue safely and efficiently. Save costs by minimizing wait times and eliminating the need for intermediary delivery services by allowing customers to input their own orders at a curbside kiosk.

Point of Sale

The GRUBBRR Point of Sale system presents you with the perfect management tool that streamlines and organizes information for you and makes it available from any location. With our POS system, you can process sales, track inventory, and access critical business reports from a sleek and simple to use interface.

Mobile Point of Sale

Reduce wait time and improve customer experience by bringing our mobile POS experience directly to the table or down the line. Customers can feel secure in the payment process and your staff will be better equipped to immediately handle issues that come up right there with the customer.

Online Ordering

Add a reliable, convenient, and user-friendly online ordering experience to your business. Customers will love the easy accessibility of a mobile app or website, which both pair seamlessly with our Kiosk or POS solutions, making for an all around smart and simple solution for both you and your customer.


Digital Menu Board

Our full color, high-definition digital menu boards will keep customers engaged and keep your business flexible. Menu items can be easily updated by time of day, prices can be changed on the fly, and constant image and video content of your menu options make for easy and compelling marketing to your customers.

Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper tickets and keep up with real-time orders through a brightly lit kitchen display system. Orders are sent straight from the kiosk or POS to an easy-to-read, kitchen-proof digital screen that guarantees a direct and accurate line of communication between customer and kitchen.


Admin Back Office

Powered by an intelligent back office, GRUBBRR provides everything needed to efficiently operate and manage your business. Efficient management in real time so that you can set the new pace for your business.