What is a Restaurant Online Ordering System?


A restaurant online ordering system is a digital platform that allows customers to place food orders from a restaurant through the internet. It enables patrons to browse the restaurant’s menu, select items they wish to order, customize their orders if necessary (e.g., specifying toppings or dietary preferences), and complete the ordering process electronically. Here are some key components and features typically associated with a restaurant online ordering system.


Features of a Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

Digital Menu: A user-friendly, online menu that lists all the food and beverage items offered by the restaurant. This menu often includes descriptions, prices, and images of the dishes.

Order Placement: Customers can add items to their virtual cart and review their selections before finalizing their orders.

Customization: Customers may have the option to customize their orders, such as choosing different toppings, selecting preferred spice levels, or specifying dietary restrictions.

User Accounts: Many online ordering systems allow customers to create accounts or profiles for a more personalized experience, including saving favorite orders and delivery information.

Payment Processing: Integration with various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and online payment gateways, to facilitate secure payments.

Delivery or Pickup Options: Customers can choose between delivery to their location or picking up their orders from the restaurant.

Order Tracking: Real-time tracking of the order’s status, including preparation, delivery, or pickup, so customers can know when to expect their food.

Reviews and Ratings: Some systems allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for the restaurant and individual dishes, which can help others make informed choices.

Promotions and Discounts: The system can display special offers, discounts, and promotions to entice customers to order.

Customer Support: Contact options for customer support in case customers have questions, concerns, or issues with their orders.

Inventory Management: Tools for restaurant staff to manage menu items, update availability, and monitor stock levels in real-time.

Analytics and Reporting: Restaurant owners and managers often have access to analytics and reports to gain insights into customer behavior, order trends, and performance metrics.

Integration: Integration with other restaurant management systems, like point-of-sale (POS) systems and inventory management, to streamline operations.

Mobile-Friendly: Many online ordering systems offer mobile apps or responsive websites to cater to customers using smartphones and tablets.

Security: Robust security measures to protect customer data and financial transactions.

Restaurant online ordering systems have become increasingly popular, especially in recent years, as consumers seek convenient ways to order food for delivery or takeout. They provide restaurants with an additional revenue stream and help streamline the ordering process, making it more efficient for both customers and restaurant staff.


Advantages of Online Food Ordering Systems for Restaurants

Increased Revenue and Efficiency One of the most significant benefits of online ordering systems for restaurants is the potential for increased revenue. These systems expand a restaurant’s customer base by catering to individuals who prefer the ease and convenience of ordering online. Furthermore, they enhance operational efficiency. Orders can be processed more swiftly and accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors that occasionally occur with phone orders. As a result, staff members are freed up to focus on other crucial aspects of restaurant management.

Enhanced Customer Experience and Data Insights Online ordering offers a superior customer experience. Patrons can peruse the menu at their own pace, customize their meals, and track the status of their deliveries or pickups. The convenience factor often leads to larger average order values, as customers explore the menu more thoroughly. Additionally, online ordering systems collect valuable customer data, including ordering habits and contact information. This data can be leveraged for targeted marketing and personalized promotions, further bolstering the restaurant’s revenue.

Integration and Cost-Effective Marketing Many online ordering systems integrate seamlessly with other restaurant management tools, such as point-of-sale systems and inventory management. This integration streamlines operations, reduces manual data entry, and enhances overall efficiency. Online ordering also offers cost-effective marketing opportunities. Restaurants can promote their online platforms through digital channels, such as social media and email marketing, reaching a targeted audience while keeping marketing costs in check.

Competitive Advantage and Scalability By offering online ordering, restaurants gain a competitive advantage, positioning themselves as forward-thinking establishments that prioritize modern convenience. This advantage can set them apart from competitors who may not provide this option. Moreover, online ordering systems are highly scalable, adapting easily to a restaurant’s growth. Businesses can expand their delivery radius, accommodate increased order volumes, and handle growth without major infrastructure changes. Overall, online food ordering systems are a win-win solution, enhancing customer convenience, operational efficiency, and revenue for restaurants.

Top 5 Restaurant Online Ordering Systems to Consider


GRUBBRR offers a comprehensive online ordering system tailored for the restaurant and hospitality industry. This customizable platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to easily browse menus, customize orders, and make secure payments. It is likely to seamlessly integrate with point-of-sale (POS) systems, ensuring that online orders are efficiently synchronized with your restaurant’s operations. GRUBBRR’s online ordering system may also include mobile capabilities, order tracking, customer data collection, analytics for informed decision-making, marketing integration, and robust security measures. Their customer support ensures smooth setup and ongoing assistance.



ChowNow specializes in delivering custom-branded online ordering systems tailored for restaurants. Their platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface, allowing customers to seamlessly browse menus, customize orders, and make secure payments. ChowNow typically integrates with point-of-sale (POS) systems, ensuring orders placed online are efficiently synchronized with restaurant operations. Moreover, the platform is mobile-responsive, catering to customers who prefer ordering from smartphones or tablets. It commonly supports various payment methods and offers real-time order tracking. ChowNow’s system often includes data collection and analytics tools, facilitating insights into customer preferences and ordering trends. Additionally, it allows for promotions and discounts to be managed directly within the platform. With a strong focus on security and comprehensive customer support, ChowNow aims to provide a complete and tailored online ordering experience for restaurants and their patrons.


Toast’s online ordering system, integrated within its comprehensive restaurant management platform, is designed to empower restaurants with a range of customizable features. It provides a seamless and branded customer experience by allowing restaurants to tailor their online ordering platform with logos, colors, and menu items. This user-friendly system enables customers to easily browse menus, customize orders, and complete transactions, all while being mobile-responsive for on-the-go convenience. Integrated with Toast’s point-of-sale (POS) system, it ensures automated order synchronization, reducing errors and optimizing operations. Secure payment processing, real-time order tracking, data collection, and analytics are common features, helping restaurants understand customer preferences and manage promotions effectively. Toast’s system also emphasizes security and offers comprehensive customer support, ensuring a smooth and reliable online ordering experience.


Grubhub is a widely recognized third-party food delivery and online ordering platform that serves as a marketplace connecting restaurants with customers looking to order food for delivery or pickup. Although it primarily functions as an external marketplace rather than offering a proprietary online ordering system for restaurants themselves, it plays a pivotal role in the restaurant industry. Grubhub enables restaurants to list their menus, provides customers with easy access to a variety of restaurant options, and facilitates secure online ordering and payment processing. Customers can choose between delivery to their specified location or pickup directly from the restaurant, and they can track the status of their orders in real time. Grubhub also supports reviews, ratings, promotions, and discounts while charging restaurants commission fees for orders placed through its platform.


Door Dash

DoorDash serves as a prominent third-party food delivery and online ordering platform, connecting restaurants with customers seeking food delivery or pickup services. Functioning primarily as a marketplace, DoorDash offers a comprehensive platform for restaurants to list their menus, providing customers with easy access to a diverse selection of restaurants in their area. Customers can utilize the DoorDash website or mobile app to explore menus, customize orders, and choose between delivery to their specified location or pickup. Secure payment processing, real-time order tracking, and the option for customers to leave reviews and ratings are standard features. DoorDash also frequently runs promotions and discounts, with commission fees typically charged to restaurants for orders placed through the platform. Restaurants can opt to use DoorDash’s network of delivery drivers (Dashers) or their own delivery personnel.


The Importance of Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering Systems


Multi-restaurant online ordering systems serve as a pivotal force in the contemporary food industry, offering a multitude of advantages for both customers and restaurants. These platforms provide customers with unparalleled convenience, presenting a one-stop destination to peruse menus, compare restaurant options, and place orders from a diverse array of eateries. The time-saving benefits are substantial, simplifying the ordering process and eliminating the need to navigate multiple restaurant websites or make numerous phone calls. Moreover, they introduce an expansive range of culinary choices, from various cuisines to food types, allowing customers to explore new dining experiences effortlessly. Integrated delivery and pickup services streamline the dining process, saving time and providing predictability. Furthermore, many multi-restaurant platforms offer incentives and discounts, and customers can rely on reviews and ratings to make informed decisions, fostering trust and maintaining quality standards.

On the restaurant side, these platforms enhance visibility and expand the customer base. Restaurants can leverage the platform’s marketing capabilities without the complexity of developing their online ordering system, helping them thrive in a competitive landscape. Integration with point-of-sale (POS) and order management systems increases efficiency, reducing errors and minimizing manual data entry. Access to customer data and analytics empowers restaurants with insights into customer preferences and trends, informing menu adjustments and marketing strategies. Additionally, multi-restaurant systems help eateries tap into new markets and adapt to changing customer demands, particularly during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, where they served as a lifeline by enabling takeout and delivery services. Overall, these platforms are essential components of the modern restaurant industry, catering to the evolving expectations and requirements of both diners and restaurateurs.


Investing in Your Restaurant with GRUBBRR

Investing in GRUBBRR’s technology presents a strategic opportunity for businesses seeking to enhance their operations and customer experiences. GRUBBRR’s solutions offer a multifaceted approach, beginning with an emphasis on improving the customer journey. With a focus on user-friendliness and convenience, GRUBBRR’s technology streamlines the ordering process, whether in the hospitality or retail sectors. It automates tasks and introduces self-service capabilities, contributing to greater operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. Additionally, the technology generates valuable data insights on customer behavior and preferences, facilitating informed decision-making and data-driven strategies.

GRUBBRR’s customizable solutions cater to the unique needs of different industries, and integration capabilities ensure a seamless fit with existing systems such as point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management. This adaptability positions businesses for a competitive advantage, demonstrating a commitment to industry trends like contactless payments, self-service kiosks, and mobile ordering. Such investments can lead to increased revenue, cost savings through improved efficiency, and a strategic edge over competitors. Moreover, GRUBBRR’s scalable solutions accommodate growth, making it an attractive choice for businesses planning expansion.