Only a few years ago, bank tellers and ticketing agents were central to the banking and traveling experience respectively. You couldn’t obtain money without interacting with a personand you would have to wait in lines to purchase your flight ticket.  

Since the advent of automated technology such as ATMs, online ticketing, and self-ordering kiosks, the services of tellers and agents are rarely utilized.  

At a time when self-driving cars and occupying other planets are almost within reach, it seems even more probable that cashiers will soon be replaced by self-ordering kiosks and other automated machines. 

Benefits of a Cashier-Free Restaurant Experience 

Without the cashier, the restaurant experience will become much faster and more efficient. Self-ordering kiosks have shown to shorten lines, reduce wait times, and increase sales. 

Many millennials and Gen-Z’s largely prefer to utilize online ordering and self-ordering kiosks over having to interact with a real human to obtain the services they need.  

For restaurants and other businesses, it is important to serve their clients in the best way possible to keep clients engaged and loyal to their business. In such a situation then, when most of a restaurant’s clients want a customer service experience with minimal to no human contact, its obvious that business owners will want to shift toward automated technology to serve their customers. 

On the back-end of restaurant operations, removing the cashier increases accuracy. Through self-ordering kiosks or online ordering, the order proceeds straight from the customer to the kitchen. This reduces the chance for human errors that might be caused by the involvement of the cashier as an intermediary.  

Will Cashiers Really Be Gone? 

If recent trends and predictions are to be believed, then yes. According to study by AgileCraft, cashiers are at a 97 percent risk of being replaced by automated technology in the near future. This is the highest among all other professionsThe role of a cashier will be almost completely removed from restaurants. However, this will free up these individuals to take up more important and pressing tasks that significantly improve the restaurant experience.  

Some restaurants might continue to retain a few cashiers to preserve the human touch that some people hold central to their dining experience as a nostalgic element, but cashiers won’t be the main avenue for ordering. 

Regardless, it is safe to say that slowly but surely, cashiers are inching toward extinction as new restaurant automation technology becomes the new normal.