Whether your restaurant is a growing chain or just starting to get on its feet, expanding your business is easier with GRUBBRR. While there isn’t a single growth blueprint for every restaurant to follow, GRUBBRR offers a unique overhaul of your restaurant’s ordering system that promises to expand a business of any size. At the surface level, the appeal of GRUBBRR products is that they improve customer experience. Through integrated self-service kiosks, digital menu boards, and kitchen display systems, the customer experience is enriched by reduced wait times and increased ordering accuracy.  However, just beneath the surface, GRUBBRR offers so much more. Its innovative upselling features help you sell more to existing customers and even diversify your customer base to sell to new demographics and regions. In other words: GRUBBRR products are designed to drive growth for your business plan in the long run.   

Traditional approaches to deepen ties with existing customers can be effective, but they are not cutting edge. For instance, consider targeted marketing plans predicated on market research. If a restaurant is looking to expand, they can conduct market research on the demographic makeup of their customers in order to target product marketing specifically to them. It is common using an approach like this to look at data ranging from age and gender to the region and socioeconomic background of existing customers. There is nothing that this approach gets wrong on the face of itbut it has its limitations. Basing marketing decisions on demographics about existing customers casts a wide net, and while it may increase sales to a particular customer group, it is not capable of tailoring product marketing to the specific preferences of one individual customer.  That level of targeting requires a more advanced system – it requires upselling technology based on data and made for you and your restaurant. 

GRUBBRR products will track customer trends at your restaurant and connect the dots in ways that market research cannot.  If a customer orders three items on the menu, GRUBBRR technology can use that information to suggest other items they would be likely to order.  In fact, this technology has been shown to increase average ticket size by as much as 12-22%.  Thats a significant rise in sales! In the 21st century, technology like this is whats required for businesses to deepen ties with their existing customer base.  

However, restaurants don’t need to stop there.  With GRUBBRR, you will be able to diversify your customer base and sell to new demographics.  Thats because stable growth that preserves your brand’s quality requires consistent brand reduplication.  Your stores not only need to offer the same quality of service across all locations, but they also need to look and feel the same as one another.  GRUBBRR empowers you to create a coherent visual scheme through digital displays and ordering systems to ensure consistency across locations.  Getting brand reduplication wrong can be dangerous to a business’s growth prospects, so its essential for restaurants to make investments in their stores that will ensure uniformity in both service quality and brand recognition.  

Growing a business is no simple task, and theres certainly no company with all the solutions.  What GRUBBRR offers is simple.  Our products make expansion easier because they are tailored specifically to your business and because they are based on data.  Its a tried and proven approach.