For countless years, restaurants have had the same formula: servers take your order, send it to the kitchen, bring the food to the table, and deliver a paper bill to you when you’re done eating. Even though this method is tried-and-true, there is a way to simplify this process even further: pay-at-the-table technology. Pay-at-the-table tech is a POS solution that allows customers to pay for their meals using tableside terminals, tablets, or their own smartphones, and can make your business more efficient.  

With traditional bills, waiters have to travel back and forth between the table and station to process payments. Pay-at-the-table processes the payment in one go, preventing customers from having to wait for their bill. The POS system can easily split bills, compared to making separate checks or using multiple cards. Pay-at-the-table tech can also increase the rate of table turns for servers as customers leave the establishment faster. Servers can then serve more customers during their shift, generating more revenue 

With payments happening instantly, customers will be more satisfied with their dining experience and be more likely to return. Servers will also have more time to interact with customers or handle any issues as they pay. This increased customer satisfaction can result in higher tips for servers. All around, pay-at-the-table tech elevates the customer and server experience. 

Tableside payment is also a security asset. Pay-at-the-table technology ensures that the credit card is always in the customer’s hand, giving them peace of mind. Along with that, most pay-at-table-technology accept contactless and chip payments, ensuring EMV compliancy, high security, and more payment options for customers. Chargebacks and fraud are also less likely to occur in restaurants with tableside payments’ EMV technology. 

Some POS systems with pay-at-the-table tech also have self-ordering capabilities, and this tableside tech will have an undoubtedly positive impact on the restaurant industryRestaurants should consider adopting it, sooner rather than later.