Climate change is real, and your restaurant might be contributing to it. 

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the sustainability of the products and services they consume. Many businesses are also attempting to take responsibility for their actions and move toward a greener business model. 

By incorporating greener strategies into your restaurant operations, you will attract consumers who make conscious efforts to be sustainableand more importantly, you will contribute to making our planet greener! 

Here are a few strategies you could use: 

  1. Be Conservative with Resources

In simple words, reduce your use of energy and water.  

The restaurant industry extensively utilizes electricity and for obvious reasons. Providing ambient lighting and an optimal temperature is crucial to ensuring a pleasant dining experience for your customers. You can’t change what your customers want, but you can change the means by which you provide this experience. 

Install energy-efficient technology in your restaurant. This will allow you to create the perfect dining experience for your customers, while also saving the planet. 

In terms of water usage, ensure your employees are mindful of how they use water. Purchase water-efficient dishwashers and other machinery for your kitchen. In addition, it can be helpful to install motion sensor faucets and water-efficient toilets in the bathrooms.  

  1. Recycle

Most cities around the country have some form of a recycling system in place — use it! Food packaging, cans, and glass bottles can be recycled. Instead of throwing these items away, see if you can recycle them.  

Foster an eco-friendly attitude in your employees as well. Include recycling in your employee training sessions. Also, hang informational posters about recycling around your kitchen to keep your employees motivated. 

You can also commit to purchasing recycled items and help bolster brands that promote recycling. 

  1. Reduce Food Wastage

This is a big problem in the food industry. There is not much you can do with the food that people leave on their plates after eating at your restaurant. You can’t give it to someone else, especially not after the coronavirus has heightened sanitation concerns. So what can you do? 

Well, the first thing you can do is perform a portion audit and see if your portions are too big for your customers. If so, immediately try to make them smaller and more comfortably eatable.  

Additionally, on the back-end, you can investigate if your employees are wasting food. Set expectations for your employees to minimize waste.  

  1. Reduce the Use of Plastic

Plastic is deadly for the planet. It takes years to naturally break down. Unfortunately, more and more of it is being used and disposed of every day.  

Restaurants are slowly moving away from using plastics in the form of straws, but other, larger moves need to be made. Eliminate all plastic use from your business and try to replace these products with cleaner, greener alternatives such as paper bags, cardboard to-go boxes, and other plant-based reusable products. 

These are just a few first steps you can take to do your part in making the planet more livable for all of us. By going green, you will save not just the planet but also your own money.  

Go green, and help in making the climate change, this time for the better.