The era of automation in the restaurant industry is here. Researchers predict that automation in the food industry will reach a whopping $14 billion by the year 2025. The revolution brings along the promise of impeccable customer service at the lowest operating costs and a boost in productivity.

Although most of the technology used in restaurants is relatively new, it is receiving praises and many see the potential of growth. If you are a restaurateur or a food business owner, this post will help you identify areas benefiting from the use of automation in the food industry.

Easier Inventory Management

The dawn of automation in the restaurant industry is here. Using interactive menus, consolidated systems, and automated stock intake are some of the best benefits of the technology used in the restaurant business. The inventory allows you to synchronize the quantity of ingredients used in each dish and track how many of each dish you have sold.

As a restaurant manager, you can also use machine learning tech to learn what you have used so far and what you will be needing soon. Not just the ingredients, an automated solution in the food industry can manage your cutlery, dishes, and other stocks as well.

Some systems can even prompt you to place an order with a new vendor as the stocks start approaching critical levels. If you are a food business operating from multiple locations, an automated solution can synchronize your inventory, sharing data between one another.

Automated Cost Management

You can now enhance your food business with artificial intelligence. For instance, using cloud-based intelligence and analytics solution can put your restaurant’s data to good use. The AI will not only improve your operational efficiency but also prevent any wastes and issues.

Based on legacy data from the past months or years, an AI-based solution will be able to help predict costs for the upcoming season. This can be an advantage during busy seasons such as holidays or special days.

In case if a vendor is selling an ingredient or other items for a higher price, the AI can recommend an alternate ingredient at a comparatively cheaper rate. This means, you will get an automated price optimization.

Whatever your objective, intelligence technology used in restaurant can help simplify decision-making and steer your business in the right direction. With access to all these features and data, you will be able to build an interrupted supply chain and always be ready for any future occurrences.

The analytics by the use automation in the food industry will improve your customer experience and align your goals with guests’ preferences. For instance, you know which of your dishes are most popular on each day. Now, you will always be able to ensure that you never run out of supplies to cook your best sellers.

Automated Ordering & Restocking

You use the data for automated up selling by running promotions based on customers’ demand. This will help you create a menu that offers the most popular variety, boosting your revenue. In order to obtain this meaningful data, you will have to use adequate tools available for automation in the restaurant industry.

Just make sure to use a unified system that can integrate all your existing into a single platform, including

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Employee management

Ghost Kitchens

Did you know that according to the National Restaurant Association, 3 out of 5 customers in the US prefer to order food delivery or takeout service at least once a week? Out of these 5, every two consumers say that they would like to buy meal kits from ghost kitchens.

Sometimes called dark kitchens or virtual kitchens, the concept of a ‘ghost kitchen’ refers to restaurants with only a kitchen space. These kitchens have virtually no physical storefront and have no indoor or outdoor seating. Instead, they operate entirely on delivery, sometimes also offering takeout or drive-thru pickup.

As a consumer searches for experience blending with the benefits of self-service, you can now run a ghost kitchen with efficiency, convenience, and safety. Use of automation in the food industry will enable the food business to break the barriers of a traditional four walls increase your revenue.

Today’s customers want to get their favorite cuisines at their doorsteps. Whether you are running a ghost kitchen or a popular dining venue in town, you can use automation in the food industry to receive online orders and deliver using 3rd party delivery or offer to pick up service.

Ideal AI software will unify your customers’ data from every interaction. This will allow you to design promotional offers based on customers’ behavior earning you lifetime customer loyalty.

Automated Ordering & Restocking

The technology used in the restaurant is evolving customers’ eat-in/dine-in experience. The immersive experience due to automation in the restaurant business makes your guests feel in control. A customer can now walk in and order the food through self-service kiosks and even make a payment online, via check, debit card, or credit card.

The most modern and automated restaurants are focusing on offering customer-centric services. The aim is to create a unique and unforgettable experience, so the customer keeps coming back for more.

Guests in the restaurant still want impeccable service but appreciate the convenience of reserving a table online before they arrive. Your customers will not have to wait for a staff member to come to get the order and wait for someone to collect the food bill.

A great dine-in experience with quick service and hassle-free payment, what else can a guest ask for when visiting your restaurant. Therefore, you must look into investing in self-serve kiosks and self-ordering and payment devices.

As you continue to move towards more customized automation in the food industry, you will continue to expand your outreach. You can even empower your customers to reserve a table and place an order before arriving at the restaurant. Having the food ready as soon as the guests arrive at the restaurant will help you create a flawless and efficient customer experience.

Restocking Efficiently

As you continue to serve the guests and use stocks, the AI software continues to calibrate the stocks and keeps you up-to-date on your current inventory level. Modern inventory systems allow your staff to access stock information and update it remotely through a mobile app.

This complements your data collection and analysis by the “per order” functionality mentioned above. If your staff member notices that any particular ingredient has reached its expiration date, they will be able to it away. The member can also mark it in the app as spoiled/expired. If this leads to item level reaching critically low levels, the staff member will be able to make instant orders using an automated ordering service.


While robots serving food at the restaurant and drone making home food delivery is still a futuristic thought, there are various automation tools available for the food and restaurant business. By implementing automation in the food industry, you will be able to manage your operations and resources better. This efficiency will eventually translate into a better customer experience and increase revenue.

From guest management to inventory management, self-service to online payments, automation has most certainly revolutionized the restaurant industry. If you are looking for technology used in restaurants, solutions such as GRUBBRR can help.