In this digital age, it’s important to understand the benefits of Android POS software, and businesses now have more options for point-of-sale solutions.

Advantages of Android POS Tablets

There are several advantages to Mobile POS is quick and appealing enough to meet the needs and wants of customers today.

Are you going to update the POS system at your old company or set up a new one?

When picking the best Android POS, it’s important to understand what its main advantages are. If you don’t fix it, it will hurt your business.

Here are some of the best things about POS software for Android.

What Are Android POS Tablets?

An Android POS (Point of Sale) system is a mobile, tablet-friendly, cloud-based system that runs on the Android OS. You can connect it to any of your Android-powered phones or tablets.

The front end of the mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app helps with all of the most important tasks for a best restaurant kiosk software, like taking orders, making bills, and more. The back-end web interface, on the other hand, lets you manage your customer database, inventory, accounts, sales, and more, and it gives you reports in real-time.

You can also connect a number of devices to your Android POS hardware, such as:

  • Printers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Credit Card Terminals
  • Customer Monitor, and More

4 Advantages of Android POS Tablets

Android POS tablets have several advantages for restaurants. For example, at a full-service restaurant waitstaff can use mobile android POS tablets to take orders, send orders directly to the kitchen and accept payments, all without the usual back and forth of paper tickets. In this way, restaurants can turn tables faster and provide better service.

1. Customization

Customize the point-of-sale system at your restaurant to boost productivity.

You can tailor your Android POS to fit the needs of your establishment, be it an upscale wine and dine establishment, a hip and happening nightclub, or a cozy little cafe.

The requirements and priorities of each restaurant are distinct from one another. And configuring your mobile point of sale with these functions in mind will automatically lead to an increase in your restaurant’s level of productivity. You can continue updating these functionalities on your tablet POS systems from any location, including when you are moving about.

2. Lower Cost

A waiter wouldn’t have to make as many trips to the kitchen and the counter if they had an Android tablet for point-of-sale purposes. They should only bring their tablets around with them at all times.

The orders were going to be delivered straight to the kitchen. The time required to generate a bill and complete the payment procedure has been reduced to a couple of seconds. Not only will your customers benefit from the time savings, but also your servers will be relieved of their burden.

If you have an online ordering system for your business, you will be able to save money that you would have previously given as commissions to third-party food aggregators. This is because these aggregators take a cut of each sale. On your Android point-of-sale tablets, you have the ability to directly manage any online orders that have been received.

As a result of the fact that the orders can now be directly transferred to the kitchen display systems with the chosen number of sides and add-ons, there will be less wastage in terms of food, and it may be picked up by various chefs following their specialization.

3. More Vendors to Choose From

As opposed to smartphones built on Android, Apple typically provides you with fewer alternatives to choose from. When using Android, you have a significantly larger selection of options when it comes to the device itself, giving you a wider range of options in terms of both the form factor and the hardware.

An Android point-of-sale system gives you a variety of device options to choose from, and the architecture of the Android operating system enables more user customization than other systems.

If you are a developer with experience and want to create a highly customized point-of-sale interface, it will be easier for you to do so on a system that is based on Android than it will be on a system that is based on iOS.

4. Less Expensive If Damaged or Lost

Because an Android tablet is far more affordable than an iPad, you will have a lower cost to get your point of sale (POS) system up and running, which is especially beneficial if you have more than one register.

In addition, if you work in a sector such as food service, in which the waitstaff receives tableside orders via tablets, you will wind up with some malfunctioning devices that you will need to fix or replace in the course of your employment there.

If you were to use an Android point-of-sale system in this circumstance, you might end up saving hundreds of dollars per device.

If you choose to employ Android tablets for your company rather than iPads, you run a decreased risk of having those tablets stolen. This is because Android devices have a lower resale value and are less desirable to customers in general.

Are There Downsides to Android POS Tablets?

Older businesses aren’t the only ones that still use wired POS. Many businesses, from retail to hospitality, still use a wired system. As modern and high-tech as wireless and mobile POS may be, there is still room for error during installation and activation, and many businesses don’t want to take that chance, especially if they stand to lose customers if the system goes down.

Also, switching to wireless POS could bring up a lot of technical problems that your business may not be able to handle. When installing wireless or mobile POS, you also need to plan for repairs, upgrades, and maintenance, which is something that some businesses don’t think about in advance.

The cost of installing a wireless or mobile POS is another thing to think about. If a business doesn’t know how much it will cost to install and keep up a wireless or mobile POS, it could be an expensive choice.

Tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) systems do have a few insignificant drawbacks, but these include:

1.Inappropriate Use of Tablets Is Possible

Workers may abuse the tablet by using it to interact with social media or play games. There are security programs that can be downloaded into tablets that restrict users’ access to only particular applications and lock out all others. Using other apps, you can manage and operate the device from a remote location.

2. Tablets are Susceptible to being Broken or Stolen.

Even if your information is safe even if your tablet is lost or stolen, the fact that it is so portable and light makes it an ideal target for thieves; nevertheless, you can always get a new one.

3. Maintaining Your Place on the POS Application Can Be Challenging

Keeping the POS software at the forefront of the tablet screen in all circumstances is not always an easy task. It only takes one swipe to become disoriented within its user interface. However, you can resolve this problem by installing an application that will always bring the POS app to the forefront of your screen.

Check Out GRUBBRR’s Android POS

GRUBBRR is the one for you if you are searching for an Android mobile POS terminal for your restaurant that includes all the functions that were listed above in addition to other features. Get in contact with us right away to learn more about how we might be of assistance to you.


Can you use an Android tablet as a POS system?

POS software for tablets turns your iPad or Android tablet into a portable POS system. These systems let you take payments at the curb, at events that aren’t at your store or even to help shorten lines at your store. Plus, tablet POS systems are easy to use, so it’s quick and easy to train new employees.


What are some free POS apps for Android? 

Square Point of Sale

Zettle Go

SumUp App


Shopify POS


How do you set up a POS on an Android tablet?

GRUBBRR works with technicians in many parts of the United States and Canada who are ready to set up your GRUBBRR solution. This network of technicians lets GRUBBRR give customers the best service and help them in person.  

GRUBBRR will also give you the names of reliable companies to call if you need to set up a certain network or electrical connection before your GRUBBRR solution arrives. You’ll get a site readiness package from GRUBBRR that has all the information you need to make sure you have everything you need to run your GRUBBRR solution.

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