More than ever, customers want a sales experience that is quick, contactless, and seamless. This is particularly important in a restaurant setting, where customers want to place their order and pay for their food and drinks without the hassle of constant interruptions to their meal.


Mobile point-of-sale (POS) apps, such as GRUBBRR’s, fulfil that requirement and enables users to take sales wherever and whenever they want.

What Is an Android POS Terminal?

An Android based POS terminal is a touchscreen card terminal that runs on an operating system that is based on Android. Most mobile devices, excluding iPhones, run on Google’s open-source Android operating system. Android terminals provide access to a variety of payment options as well as add-on apps like a point of sale (POS) software. To learn more about POS software, check out the Samsung POS system.

How Does an Android POS Terminal Work?


A point-of-sale terminal can process credit card transactions in one of three ways:


Swipe: the transaction can be started by dragging a card with a magnetic stripe over a reader.


Insert: credit cards equipped with microchips are inserted into the point-of-sale machine, where they stay stored for the transaction duration.


Near-field communication (NFC): allows for contactless payments with chip cards such as Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV). These payments are made by tapping the card on the POS terminal.


The information that must be sent for the transaction is sent in an encrypted form through the radio waves that are used to create the connection. This ensures that the transactions are both quick and safe. This eliminates the requirement that the card be swiped, inserted, or even handed over to the retailer in order to complete the transaction.

Why Get an Android POS Terminal for Your Restaurant?

Mobile point of sale solutions make it possible for restaurants to take payments made using credit cards, electronic wallets, and mobile money via a mobile device. These systems are also known as MPOS.


MPOS devices deliver benefits to restaurants and consumers with their integrated software and ability to serve as payment card readers. Additionally, these devices assist businesses in streamlining procedures and improving customer satisfaction.


A recent survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association found that 72% of diners say restaurants that use technology give an additional level of convenience. Both the type of service that is offered and the conventional way these restaurant enterprises are operated stand to profit from the numerous advantages that can be gained when they implement a mobile POS system for restaurants.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a handheld Android POS terminal in a little more detail.

Cheaper Costs

Android mobile POS terminals provide several advantages, one of which is that getting started with the system is less expensive and more straightforward. You can frequently set up software on your own mobile devices by downloading an app or working directly with your POS supplier.


This saves you the trouble of purchasing and installing brand-new gear. Switching to a mobile point-of-sale solution can effectively cut overhead costs for businesses such as restaurants, which already operate on thin profit margins. It is also possible that doing so may allow you more flexibility in the future.


Mobile point-of-sale systems are compatible with all devices, so restaurant owners do not need to worry about investing in additional proprietary gear or equipment to incorporate a POS system into their already established operations. This means owners do not need to sign extra vendor contracts to protect their interests.


You will not constantly provide the same goods and services to customers. The menus, special discounts, and pricing of restaurants are always evolving.


Therefore, invest in an Android based POS terminal that can adapt to these changes. The finest point-of-sale software on this front is cloud-based POS software since it does not restrict your experience and enables for fast upgrades. Keep in mind that a scalable tool will improve with time rather than becoming obsolete.


Apps and Integrations

If chosen carefully, the mobile POS terminal android and app connections used in a restaurant may provide a robust foundation for increasing sales and streamlining operations. You will be able to devote your attention to expanding your company if you have the appropriate point-of-sale (POS) system for your restaurant. This will allow you to meet all of your customers’ information and application demands.


Features of an Android POS Terminal

Some of the main features of a GRUBBRR mobile POS terminal Android include:

  • A comprehensive collection of products that work together to provide a more satisfying and successful experience for the end user.


  • Cloud reporting enables you to access information about many locations simultaneously. This includes inventory, customer data, net sales, and personnel details.


  • Integrated advanced analytics, allowing for quick and simple identification of weak spots in the system.


  • Features related to cash management, such as logs for cash tracking and safe drop reminders.


POS Apps

The best Android mobile POS terminal will work with a number of apps and integrations to really maximize efficiency and the experience for both you and your customers. A mobile POS terminal for Android from GRUBBRR works with a number of apps.


Customer Databases

You can add new clients in real time, right at the point of sale register. Build up your client database while ensuring the privacy of your customers’ information by saving it automatically at the checkout. This allows you to create customer profiles, look them up in the future, and view receipts and transaction history.


QR Code Payments

Using QR codes in conjunction with your handheld Android POS terminal not only improves the overall experience for the restaurant’s patrons, but also assists you in saving time and money by streamlining the processes.

Pay-By-Link Requests

If you want to make a sale but your customer is not physically with you (for example, if they are ordering a takeaway or paying for someone), many apps allow you to generate a one-time link through your POS terminal that you can send to your customer via email, social media, text message, or Whatsapp. After that, your client may access the URL from any location in the world, enter their credit card information, and make an immediate payment.

Acceptance of Gift Cards

When you link a gift card program to your Android POS terminal, you give yourself the freedom to get creative with the products and services you provide to your clients. No matter how you currently provide your service, you are able to personalize a solution that will encourage your customers to continue coming back for more. This solution can range from plastic to digital, from one-time events to ongoing loyalty rewards, and from online activation to in-person activation.


Cryptocurrency Payments

There are multiple apps that can be used with your handheld Android POS terminal in your restaurant that allow you to collect payment via cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and by offering this as an option to your customers, you are showing that you are a forward thinking and flexible restaurant.


Is an Android POS Terminal Right for Your Restaurant?

The restaurant business is now steadily becoming more computer savvy on a daily basis. The industry has seen a number of shifts in a very short period of time, some of which include real-time sales, automated inventory, and online ordering systems.


GRUBBRR: The Best Android Mobile POS Terminal for Restaurants

If you are looking for an Android mobile POS terminal for your restaurant that has all of the features above and more, GRUBBRR is the one for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.