GRUBBRR is expanding its partnership with The Chicken Shack, a Las Vegas-based fast food chain, as the franchise’s exclusive self-ordering technologies provider. 

While The Chicken Shack continues to aggressively expand throughout North America, GRUBBRR’s solutions have proven pivotal in maximizing profit and increasing consumer satisfaction. Damon Miller, franchise owner for all of California, credits GRUBBRR’s revolutionary self-ordering ecosystem for the restaurant’s rapid growth both in terms of locations and revenue. 

“I can say with complete confidence that GRUBBRR technology was the single most important factor in the explosive expansion of The Chicken Shack,” Miller said. “GRUBBRR’s solutions have given us the platform for success, streamlining our efficiency and cutting labor costs. Our continued partnership is critical as The Chicken Shack continues to innovate within the restaurant industry.” 

GRUBBRR’s self-ordering solutions, including kiosks, kitchen display systems, line busters and food lockers, work to benefit both restaurants and consumers. GRUBBRR’s technology is proven to reduce labor costs by decreasing minimum wage positions and increasing restaurant efficiency. Moreover, GRUBBRR’s solutions maximize revenue through customized upsells and personalized user interface, and consumers enjoy accurate orders without having to wait in line. 

Nicholas Vitt, co-franchisor of The Chicken Shack, commends GRUBBRR for its critical role in the restaurant chain’s continued success. 

“Customers have really taken to the kiosks well. We’re spending less on labor, which really helps with our bottom line, and our service has never been faster than it is now. When we implemented GRUBBRR, we immediately benefitted from the smart upsell technology that boosted our average ticket size by 40%.”

Both the labor crisis and minimum wage hikes have significantly hurt the profit margins of the restaurant industry. Nevertheless, GRUBBRR’s technology enabled The Chicken Shack to innovate their business and, in turn, increase revenue and generate growth. 

“The Chicken Shack has had amazing success partnering with GRUBBRR,” Chicken Shack franchisor, Jonathan Vitt said. “Our locations immediately cut labor costs, increased revenue and streamlined workflow, and the experience is far better for our customers, all thanks to GRUBBRR’s ecosystem of solutions.

As both GRUBBRR and The Chicken Shack continue to experience unprecedented growth, it is clear that GRUBBRR’s self-ordering solutions are critical to the future of restaurant success.  

“The Chicken Shack has been an innovator and adaptor of self-ordering technology since the chain’s early days, making them a perfect partner for us,” said GRUBBRR CEO, Sam Zietz. “They are pioneers in the restaurant industry as we usher in this age of contactless, self-ordering technologies. Their success utilizing GRUBBRR is further proof that restaurants using the self-ordering technologies we provide have the greatest competitive advantage moving forward. We are looking forward to witnessing The Chicken Shack’s accomplishments in the future.”