In this new era, the primary goal for marketplaces is to provide a safe environment for all customersThe future of marketplaces is self-service, which will allow the business to remain profitable while abiding by social distancing protocolsSelf-ordering kiosks reduce the risk of spreading illness through cashier proximity and cross-contamination. This is especially  applicable in  micro markets. 

What are micro markets? 

Micro markets are unattended stores that offer customers 24/7 open shelving and self-service payment. They’re often found in large workplaces, hotels, employee breakrooms, campus dining halls, gift shops, and apartment buildingsUnlike with vending machines, food and beverages are stored on shelves that are easy to access for employees or guestsMicro markets offer customers a wide variety of food and beverage options at any time of the day, keeping them satisfied and certain to return. 

Self-ordering kiosks are the driver of micro markets. The kiosks allow the customers to scan the food item of their choice, pay using card, cash, or mobile payments, and bag the items all by themselves. Kiosks eliminate the need for cashiers to be present in the store at all times, cutting costs. The kiosks come equipped with anti-theft functions, such as built-in cameras that retrieve images of anyone who may be associated with a voided transaction. Micro markets are quick, accessible and convenient for both the customer and the business. 

Applications of micro markets 

In the workplace, micro markets provide workers with a convenience store that brings service and satisfaction. Imagine a market filled with food and beverages right near your breakroom. Many micro markets provide healthier food options to keep workers energized throughout the day.  

Micro markets are also being introduced in apartment complexes. A company called Impulsify Inc. recently unveiled self-service stores in multiple apartment buildings on the East Coast. Through self-ordering kiosks in the common areas, the micro markets are currently providing residents with an option to purchase grocery items and snacks within their own building. Quick and convenient, micro-markets allow residents to avoid long, crowded supermarket lines. 


It’s clear: micro markets completely revolutionize the marketplace by increasing profitability with fewer workers and more customers. Micro markets have so many diverse applications and, coupled with self-ordering tech, and going to continue appearing everywhere.