Amidst a global pandemic, your restaurant needs a new way to take orders that’s both safe and efficient for all.

Old school point of sale technology can create slow business and lose the engagement of your customers. Restaurants should offer their customers an alternative to traditional ordering that eliminates long lines and direct contact with employees. This is exactly what GRUBBRR’s updated self-service POS system  aims to do. They’ve created the best self-ordering kiosks to keep your customers safe and engaged.

The Best Way to Serve Your Customers

GRUBBRR’s self-service kiosks for restaurants offer the perfect upsell every time, keeping your customers happy and increasing your revenue.

Long lines and crowding are a thing of the past now that GRUBBRR has made the best kiosk software. Customers can quickly approach a kiosk and select their order with a few taps. The friendly (and customizable) user interface makes ordering and paying for food easy and fast, so that customers can get in and out quickly.

Also, customers no longer need to order directly from a cashier or waiter, which can cause order inaccuracies from miscommunication. GRUBBRR’s self-ordering kiosks allow the customers to communicate directly with the chef.

Self-ordering kiosks can also strengthen restaurants’ relationships with their customers. The kiosks come equipped with a system that suggests menu items based on order history, which personalizes the customer experience and increases customer loyalty to your brand. Customers can create their own user profile on the kiosks so the system can remember past orders and make the process for returning customers even quicker.

The Safest Way to Reopen Your Business

Across the country, restaurants are beginning to reopen while adhering to social distancing protocols, but many current methods of reopening are still unsafe and create crowding.

Now that GRUBBRR has made the best kiosk software in the industry, customers won’t risk spreading infection through human interaction or through cash. GRUBBRR’s kiosks limit human-to-human exposure in your restaurant and use mobile payment methods to avoid spreading infection through bills or coins.

The kiosks also encourage social distancing and contactless ordering. Kiosk best practices can now easily control the capacity of the building by distancing kiosks from one another. These regulations, combined with distanced marks on the floor, will create safe social distancing in your restaurant. GRUBBRR is here to support restaurants as they create a successful, safe reopening strategy.

GRUBBRR’s Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Currently, the safest and smartest move for your restaurant is to invest in technology that eliminates unnecessary human contact. GRUBBRR’s self-ordering kiosks will make your customers and employees feel much safer each day, long after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. They will generate revenue for your business through upselling, maximize efficiency, and eliminate lines. In other words, GRUBBRR’s self-ordering kiosks are simply the best.