This past week on The Claman Countdown, Fox Business News host Liz Claman interviewed Chef Robert Irvine and GRUBBRR CEO Sam Zietz to discuss their new partnership. During the interview, they talked about the challenges facing the restaurant and hospitality industry, and how their partnership aims to address some of these issues.

Some of the biggest challenges facing the industry are labor and increasing wages. According to Chef Irvine, the pandemic has caused a significant decline in the number of people willing to work in the industry. This labor shortage has made it difficult for restaurants to operate efficiently, leading to longer wait times, reduced menus, and lower customer satisfaction. Add increasing wages and possible new mandates to the mix and the outlook is grim.

GRUBBRR’s CEO, Sam Zietz, believes that technology can help overcome these challenges. GRUBBRR is a technology company that provides self-service kiosks and other automation solutions to restaurants. By automating certain tasks, restaurants can reduce their reliance on labor, allowing employees to work beside technology to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Chef Irvine agreed with this approach, stating that automation can help restaurants focus on their core competencies, such as food quality and customer service. He also emphasized the importance of training restaurant staff to use the technology effectively.

GRUBBRR tech is the future of hospitality.
Robert Irvine
GRUBBRR Investor & Partner

The partnership between Chef Irvine and GRUBBRR aims to bring together their respective expertise in the restaurant industry and technology. Through this partnership, they hope to help restaurants improve their operations and provide better customer experiences.

Overall, the interview highlighted the challenges facing the restaurant industry and the potential of technology to address them. With innovative solutions like GRUBBRR’s self-service kiosks and the expertise of Chef Irvine, the future looks bright for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

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