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Departmental Updates


The marketing team has been hard at work creating a range of content for GRUBBRR’s website, social media, and promotional materials.


This past month they put together a video that shows how GRUBBRR’s curbside ordering solution is easy to implement with a kiosk on wheels. It also showcases our entire GRUBBRR ecosystem, complete with self-ordering kiosks that are integrated with kitchen display systems. Check it out via this link:!


After that, be sure to check out the updates they’ve made to our website. There are tons of new information available, in addition to brand new pages for most of our products.


Finally, they’ve also been working on some exciting new marketing materials – demo videos for thermal check-in kiosks and cash recycling kiosks and our forthcoming e-book webpage, just to name a few.

Business Development

Business development has been working around the clock to ensure that the nationwide Independent Sales Office (ISO) and agent channel are prepared to meet the challenge of this pandemic.


COVID-19 has been significantly impacted everyone, and our business development department has been focused on helping them identify ways to sign new merchants during this time. They’ve offered marketing training and assistance to merchants who now are solely operating through delivery and curbside pickup, covering both product and sales technique training.


While new ISO partnership signings were expected to decline due to the pandemic, they’ve managed to sign new partners who are already working on applications.


They’ve also rolled out CBD processing to a select group of ISO offices, which has led to a healthy spike in application volume. All their work pushing information about merchant needs, industry information, and techniques has been appreciated by their ISO partners during these difficult times. The level of outreach they’ve been able to do has set us apart from competitors.


This month, our sales team helped oversee the chain-wide deployment of our products at Sus Hi Eatstation, a popular restaurant with nine locations across major college towns in Florida where customers can create their own sushi rolls. With our products on the front line, their prospects for expansion look very good.


They’ve also worked closely with our Direct Sales department to develop a training program for our representatives to generate new leads. The program will be used to prospect ideal customers for GRUBBRR and TouchSuite and then tee them up for appointments with Inside and Direct Sales Representatives. Their efforts have produced results. In fact, inbound GRUBBRR leads have doubled month-over-month for the last three months.


Operations Managements has worked on FirstData portfolio maintenance to simplify billing for merchants and to provide new pricing structures to our sales team. They’ve also worked with our development team to update the UI/UX experience for the sales channels in TouchSuite Simple.


Beyond this amazing work, operations have worked tirelessly to maintain the integrity of our brand and ensure that customer support is as compassionate as it can be during these difficult times. They’ve been on the phone with clients that have seen their incomes drop to zero in recent months, talking them through ways to reduce their fees and make things a bit more manageable.


Their work has been invaluable to our company’s mission to provide the highest quality support during this pandemic.