How Self-Ordering Kiosks Ensure Good Customer Service 

Good customer service is key to obtaining customer retention. Well-known best practices include friendly, knowledgeable, and available staff. Yet there is an often-overlooked technology that can boost your customer service when done right: self-ordering kiosks.  

Most business owners grasp how technology can boost efficiency, but they should not underestimate the capability of self-ordering kiosks to improve customer service as well. The following factors will keep visitors coming back to your business again and again.  

Kiosks Save Customers’ Time 

Self-ordering kiosks are excellent at saving customers’ time. When the time a customer would spend waiting in line to see a cashier is cut in half, they will be impressed with the speed of service and satisfied with their shopping, eating, or entertainment experience.  

Efficient self-service technology not only takes the pressure off wait staff and cashiers during busy hours, but also allows customers to quickly order and bypass any potential frustrations.  

Kiosks Gather Customer Feedback 

Another way in which kiosk technology can help improve customer service is by collecting customer feedback. After ordering, customers can leave a quick rating on the kiosks. By tapping a star rating, a number on a scale or choose a smiling, indifferent, or sad face to indicate their level of satisfaction, customers provide businesses crucial data on their level of service.   

Offering a nonobtrusive and low-pressure rating system on a kiosk improves customer service by showing that a business values feedback and cares for its customers. Customers will feel more empowered when given the chance to share their experience with the technology and the business as a whole.  

Kiosks Provide a Personalized Experience 

That’s right: kiosks can personalize your customers’ experiences just like human employees can.  

When customers with accounts sign in, self-ordering kiosks can greet them with a pop-up message of “Welcome back!” accompanied by a picture of the customer. If the kiosk offers other personalization options, the screen will then bring the customer to a familiar interface customized with their preferences.  

According to Forbes, a survey of 1,000 consumers revealed that personalization drives impulse purchases, leads to increased revenue, causes fewer returned purchases, and increases customer loyalty.  

Over forty percent of surveyed customers said they would return after a shopping experienced that provided an element of personalization. Therefore, kiosks’ personalization capabilities are not to be overlooked—not only will they increase customer service, but they’ll help drive sales as well.  

We’re leaving behind the notion that technology cannot provide personalized experiences. The latest self-ordering kiosk technology will ensure that your business thrives and provides quality service to your customers.

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