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GRUBBRR Kiosks Streamline Ordering at Woods Supermarkets

Woods Supermarket has served its communities with genuine and warm hospitality for 75 years. From its modest beginnings in Long Lane, MO, it has expanded to ten supermarkets and four convenience stores across Central Missouri. As an innovative brand, Woods created a new dining concept called Weekenders where guests order from a kiosk and have the ability to customize their meals to their style.
“GRUBBRR is very user-friendly and easy to use. Now, inputting items in the backend is 10x times faster than before, and we enjoy the ability to change the menu in real-time.
Tom Trussell
VP of Administration


Weekenders sought a new kiosk provider that had more dynamic features than their previous provider. Weekenders wanted to create a better ordering experience for its guests and a better operational flow for staff; however, it found the functionality of the kiosks it had installed to be limited, and they failed to produce the desired results.


According to Tom Trussell, Vice President of Administration at Woods Supermarkets, Woods was looking for a self-ordering kiosk with more functionality and a better user interface. “The kiosks we had prior to GRUBBRR lacked the ability to scroll up and down or left and right, and it was challenging to input items in the backend.”


Another issue that Weekenders faced with its previous kiosk provider was the inability for guests to pay for their orders at the kiosk. Before, guests would place their orders at the kiosk and then pay at the registers because the kiosks did not accept payments.

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Weekenders decided to replace their existing kiosks with the Samsung Kiosk powered by GRUBBRR to improve the guest experience, reduce the dependency on labor and drive incremental revenue. Throughout the implementation process, Woods met weekly with the GRUBBRR team to optimize its menu, establish goals and KPIs for the rollout, and monitor successes and challenges.

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Woods installed the Samsung kiosk powered by GRUBBRR in a group of six in front of their food counter, in the same location and deployment style as the previous kiosks. Almost immediately, Weekenders began seeing the results it had hoped for with GRUBBRR. Now, guests no longer need to wait in line to pay for their orders at the food counter. Instead, they can complete the entire transaction themselves at the kiosk. This not only saves Weekenders time and money, but also removes the burden of staffing a cashier position in the challenging labor market. 

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Kiosk Adoption Rate

100% of all in-store orders were placed on a kiosk

Upsell Rate

46% of orders taken at a kiosk resulted in an upsell selected

Average Ticket

Kiosk sales averaged a total ticket size of $11.44

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In the customer journey, a guest places and pays for their order on the kiosk with any requested modifications. From there, the order is routed to kitchen display systems in the back of the house that advise what items need to be prepared and where. When the order is complete, the guest receives a text notification indicating how and where to pick up their order. The process is fast, easy, and convenient.

At Weekenders, GRUBBRR kiosks absorb 100% of all store-within-a-store orders. Within just 5 months, GRUBBRR kiosks transacted 8,273 orders with an average ticket size of $11.44 per order. Even more impressive, 46% of all orders selected an upsell, and upsells alone generated 8% of total revenue.

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The Samsung kiosk powered by GRUBBRR also offers more functionality, and Weekenders guests enjoy the scrolling capabilities that the previous kiosks lacked. According to Tracy Easterwood, Vice President of New Formats at Woods Supermarkets, “We now have the ability to turn on daily specials or run social media coupons that the guest can enter on the kiosk. We also have the ability to serve alcoholic drinks and offer add-on items. GRUBBRR allows us to offer items on a schedule like our made-to-order donuts, and it is easy to modify items or remove items when necessary.”

Trussell echoes this, “My favorite features of the GRUBBRR system are the ability to add or remove items with ease and create promos for specials.” In addition to increased functionality, the GRUBBRR kiosks are also more user-friendly for both guests and operators than the previous providers. “The biggest difference between GRUBBRR and our previous kiosk provider is the usability,” Trussell says. “GRUBBRR is very user-friendly and easy to use. Now, inputting items in the backend is 10x times faster than before, and we enjoy the ability to change the menu in real-time.”

GRUBBRR kiosks have also made ordering a more frictionless experience for Weekenders guests. With 100% of orders placed on the kiosk, Weekenders needed a solution with an intuitive user interface. Feedback from guests about the GRUBBRR kiosks has been positive, and Easterwood notes, “Customers like the bigger screen and how easy it is to review and make changes to their order. In addition, the text when their order is ready has been well received.” 

Using the Samsung kiosk powered by GRUBBRR, Woods has revolutionized its Weekenders dining concept. Not only do the kiosks offer more functionality and data intelligence, but they also create a more frictionless ordering process for Weekenders guests. Using GRUBBRR technology, Weekenders is adding value to the customer experience and encouraging repeat visits.

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