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GRUBBRR Kiosks more than doubled sales and tripled throughput in Pine Crest School

Pine Crest School is a private preparatory school founded in 1934 with campuses in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, Florida. For 86 years, Pine Crest School has provided students with an education rooted in academic excellence. Today, Pine Crest remains dedicated to this mission while being inspired by innovation, the modernization of education, and the importance of 21st-century learning skills.
This self-ordering system is efficient, fast, and makes it easier for the students to order and pick up food during the school day.
Mary Ellen
Pine Crest Employee


Pine Crest’s size and complexity allow for robust resources, choices, and opportunities to shape a vibrant educational environment. True to their mission, Pine Crest innovates both inside and out of the classroom environment. Thus, when school officials noticed that the cafeteria was not meeting the needs of its students, they looked to GRUBBRR to provide a solution. Pine Crest found itself struggling to meet the demands of their students; plagued with long lines and walk away customers, they needed a system that would streamline operations, save money, improve the student experience, and allow for easy backend management. Pine Crest implemented kiosks, a kitchen display screen, QR codes, and online ordering to transform their dining operations.


The results of GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology in Pine Crest are astounding. Within just one month of having the kiosk, Pine Crest more than doubled their sales and tripled their unique customers served. “This self-ordering system is efficient, fast, and makes it easier for the students to order and pick up food during the school day,” said Mary Ellen, an employee who works in Pine Crest’s Hollander Student Union. In January 2020, Pine Crest’s total revenue collected was $21,648.22. In January 2022, after implementing GRUBBRR’s technology, total revenue increased to $31,905.07, more than a 47% increase. In addition, over an 8 month period, Pine Crest was able to service 30% more orders with a 42% increase in average ticket size. Before, average revenue per month was $17,449.03. With GRUBBRR, that number jumped to $24,927.62, a near 43% increase to the bottom line.


GRUBBRR’s solutions are located in Pine Crest’s Upper School, which has over 860 students. During breaks, there are around 200 students free from class to get food at any given time. Upon implementing GRUBBRR’s system, Pine Crest realized that they were servicing far more students than previously possible without GRUBBRR.
The new system really helps with the flow of the orders, and the technology is great.
Pine Crest School

More Customers Serviced

30% more orders were able to be completed

Increased Revenue

Revenue increased by $31,905.07, more than a 47% increase

Average Ticket

Kiosk sales were 42% higher than orders taken by employees



In October 2021 alone, Pine Crest received over 10,000 orders, 8,522 of which came from a kiosk. What’s more, students no longer have to rush to spend their entire free break waiting in line for food. Instead, they can order food for pickup directly from their phone or from a self-ordering kiosk.



“With this system, there are no more lines to order and pick up food in the Student Union this year. It definitely saves time” one student said. In September and October, Pine Crest served an average of 74 unique customers. However, this number jumped to an average of 250 unique customers for the months of November and December, more than triple that of previous months.

Using the kiosk and online ordering system, students view high resolution images of menu items. Algorithmically-calculated upselling options prompt students to order more, thereby contributing to increased revenue. In addition, GRUBBRR AI software is customizable to feature more popular items prominently, eliminate items that are out of stock, or curate menu choices by time of day, such as showing breakfast at the top of the menu in the morning.
avg monthly revenue-01
GRUBBRR’s kitchen display screen advances productivity in the back of the house as well. The kitchen monitor alerts kitchen staff when an order is received and routes the order to different preparation areas in the cafeteria, advising what items need to be prepared at which station and sorting orders by level of priority and service type.

“The new system really helps with the flow of the orders, and the technology is great,” said another student. GRUBBRR’s self-ordering solutions help accomplish Pine Crest’s mission of innovation by allowing for total customization while minimizing order errors and streamlining operational efficiency.


At Pine Crest, everything they do centers around the success of their students and providing them with an extraordinary education. This includes dining, too. Thanks to GRUBBRR, Pine Crest can more efficiently service the demands of their students, and innovate for the school’s future growth.

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