The handheld POS terminal is becoming the most prominent form of accepting client and customer payments across the hospitality industry. If your business hasn’t yet adopted this modern tool, here are some reasons to reconsider.

What Is a Mobile POS Terminal?

A mobile POS terminal shares many similarities with the traditional Point-of-Sale device. However, previous iterations were fixed to the cashier’s area. As the name suggests, a mobile POS system is portable, empowering the employee to use a smartphone, tablet, or similar device to accept credit or debit card payments away from the cash register.

How Do Handheld POS Terminals Work?

The POS handheld terminal operates using specific POS software, which your business can download and use to input the customer charge before allowing them to make the payment. As it is a portable device, it needs to connect through a wireless system, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. As long as you have a stable connection, your business can take payments instantly anywhere in the workplace.

10 Benefits of Mobile POS Terminals

Understanding the benefits of mobile POS terminals can have an impressive impact on your business, so it’s worth educating yourself about what important features and positives you can look forward to when using a mobile POS terminal.

1. Mobility

The mobility of mobile kiosks makes them more convenient compared to stationary terminals. This convenience means your employees can serve customers no matter where they are in the store or restaurant, enabling you to provide a more efficient service that can keep the customers happy and prevent back-ups.

2. Faster Checkouts

Mobile POS terminals also encourage quicker checkouts. Not only do customers not need to stand in line, but modern technology means you don’t need to scan each item. In the case of restaurants, the server simply calculates the bill and inputs the overall cost (plus tax and maybe an option for a tip). From there, all the customer needs to do is tap or insert their card to complete the payment and the receipt is printed off immediately.

3. Instant Inventory Management

As your software is linked to your inventory database, the terminal automatically updates the stock whenever a purchase is made. This means that you are always aware of what is in stock, what is low in stock, and what is out of stock.

Instant inventory management means you can provide up-to-date information for your customers and ensure no one is left disappointed after ordering something that is out of stock. Furthermore, your employees do not need to update the inventory manually, meaning they have more time to focus on other duties.

4. Reporting

Manual reports are one of the most time-consuming responsibilities for business owners. A portable POS terminal eliminates such inconveniences and provides a more efficient solution by generating reports automatically. These reports are as diverse as sales, inventories, prices, and purchasers, among others, giving you a thorough and highly detailed set of reports to help you manage your business more efficiently and confidently.

5. Cost Saving

Point-of-sale systems are proven to greatly reduce operating costs, and businesses can save 10% of their typical expenses each year. This gives them a suitable way to save profits or redirect funds to other aspects of their business to enhance growth potential and scalability.

6. Ease of Use

POS terminals are easier to use than many expect. The simple tap-to-pay approach or card insertion is familiar to many customers already, and as long as you have a stable connection, you should not encounter any errors.

On top of this, your POS terminal can simplify overall operations, minimizing the number of things you need to do within your store. The POS terminal takes control of so many essential duties that you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business while still trusting the program to work correctly.

7. Better Customer Service

One of the most popular benefits of the handheld mobile POS terminal is how much it improves your approach to customer service. Your customers no longer need to get up from their tables and wait in line. Instead, you can come to them when they are ready, which can be helpful if they have other plans.

Besides this, you can use your POS terminal to offer promotions and discounts to improve their shopping experience. These benefits make your business more appealing, modern, and innovative. As a consequence, you will increase your reputation and attract more customers who will show loyalty because of the positive experience.

8. Decentralizing Point of Sale

By decentralizing your point of sale system, you and your employees have more control over sales, allowing them to make these sales anywhere. As they are not restricted to a singular spot, you can increase your overall sales potential and reach more customers.

This is highly beneficial if attending events, conventions, or festivals, as it reduces the hassle and other inconveniences that could impact your sales and profit and perhaps drive customers towards other businesses.

9. Enhanced Security

Security is always a crucial factor when dealing with money. A POS terminal can enhance security drastically by ensuring access is only authorized by those who you have approved.

This makes all of your POS data safer, being less at risk of unknown attacks that could put sensitive information, including financial and personal data, in the hands of malicious parties. However, you should always take further steps to protect your data even despite the quality security offered by POS systems.

10. Accept Modern Payment Types

There is a wide range of modern payment types that consumers have embraced to make their shopping or dining experience as straightforward as possible. The most common of these is contactless payments, and the benefits of contactless payment are well understood by all vendors and business owners.

Still, contactless payment is not the only modern payment method your POS terminal is capable of. The likes of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay have all become a common part of purchasing culture, while the software is also compatible with cryptocurrency, which offers further security in a decentralized aspect.

By offering as many payment opportunities as possible besides traditional cash and credit, you can expand your customer base and improve your industry standing.

Which Companies Offer Handheld POS Terminals?

Businesses will be satisfied to discover that there is a wide range of companies that offer handheld POS terminals. This variety means there is likely a company to suit any needs in any type of business or industry, ensuring dependable and high-quality payment options for customers and clients.

Some of the most popular companies offering handheld POS terminals include:

  • Clover
  • Square
  • Oracle Symphony
  • Upserve
  • GoDaddy
  • Epos Now
  • Lavu
  • Vend
  • Shopify
  • Zettle

This is just a small sample size of the most reliable handheld portable POS terminals available. Your business likely wants to improve its standing and embrace an innovative and potentially future-proof approach to accepting payments from customers and clients. To do so, you can explore the different companies to help you find an option that meets your specific needs.

Innovating With GRUBBRR

GRUBBRR should be your company’s go-to choice when searching for the best ways to innovate your approach. We offer a wide range of products, including the popular Samsung POS terminal along with a range of systems designed to simplify your business operations and satisfy tour customers.

A handheld mobile POS terminal will help transform your business and take it to the next level. In doing so, you can stand out against competitors yet to adopt this modern technology and stake a crucial claim in your industry.

Whether you operate a food truck, computer repair business, or anything that involves customer-facing roles, these benefits should give you all the answers and inspiration you need to embrace POS terminals and reap the positive results that can help your business grow and thrive.


Can I use my phone as a mobile POS terminal?

Yes, you can use your phone as a mobile POS terminal as long as you have the right software and an internet or data connection. However, be careful about using your personal smartphone as a POS terminal for your business, as there’s a risk you could lose or damage it.

How do mobile POS systems work?

Mobile POS systems work via specialized software designed to accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, or digital payment methods like Samsung Pay. The process is similar to traditional fixed terminals but provides a modern solution that matches the needs of the modern customer.

What is the difference between a terminal and a POS?

Although they share some similarities, there are distinctions between a regular terminal and a POS. The primary difference is the scope of capability, with a terminal only able to take payments or provide refunds compared to a POS, which can cover multiple tasks, including inventory, among other essentials.