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How a Self-Service Kiosk can Save Your Business from COVID-19

In a time when the global economic landscape has been ravaged by the coronavirus, businesses are looking for solutions as they attempt to stay afloat until the pandemic ends. While most industries, have suffered, technology has boomed as it has the capability to help businesses, especially in service-based industries, survive.


To stay open, industries need to prove they can prevent the spread of the virus. While masks and social distancing are effective measures, they are not necessarily efficient, nor are they foolproof. The only way to unequivocally prevent the spread of COVID-19 in businesses is to eliminate person-to-person contact.


If businesses are to prevent contact between their employees and customers, they need to automate interpersonal interactions by implementing Self-Ordering Kiosks.


The addition of a Self-Ordering Kiosk instantly modernizes any business by reinventing their brand’s aesthetic while simultaneously improving customer service. Self-Ordering Kiosks also provide a more sanitary means of ordering, giving you another opportunity to prove how much your customers’ safety and overall experience mean to you.


The contactless aspect of the Self-Ordering Kiosk has never been more relevant than during a pandemic. Customers have good reason to feel unsafe when eating out, but the implementation of kiosks can help mitigate any potential risks they may fear by removing interpersonal contact. A measure as simple as adding wipes to a kiosk station or having a manager wipe it down between uses will ensure that the kiosk itself doesn’t contribute to COVID’s spread.


Kiosks are more than just a short-term fix to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, however. They set businesses up for long term success with their unique features, like automated upselling. By suggesting more profitable additions and order combinations to customers, upselling allows you to more than offset the cost of the kiosk in no time.


Self-ordering Kiosks can also be grouped with other GRUBBRR offerings like Point of Sale systems and Digital Menu Boards, allowing you to create an ecosystem of technology that will revolutionize your business operations


Branding has become an incredibly important aspect when determining which businesses will succeed or fail. The addition of a Self-Ordering Kiosk allows a business to stick out from their competitors by offering intriguing new technology with a sleek and attractive design. Superior branding has allowed countless businesses to thrive. Will yours be next?


By incorporating Self-Ordering Kiosks into your business, you’re doing more than just giving yourself a viable means of staying in business during the pandemic. You’re also setting yourself up for long term success while simultaneously modernizing your whole brand. Let GRUBBRR save your business and inquire about our Self-Ordering Kiosks today.

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