Self-Ordering Kiosks

Revolutionize your business with self-ordering technology.

Bring the power of self-ordering kiosks and automation to your restaurant, retail or hospitality business. Offer customers an easy to use self-service kiosk alternative to traditional ordering.

Customer Success Story

Diced Restaurant

“As a restaurateur, technology is the future and we want to make sure we stay ahead and implement products like Grubbrr that are going to allow us to continue to improve”

Otto Perez
Co-Founder of Diced

Kiosk Benefits

Eliminate Lines

Bust through long lines during high peak times. Absorb lines by directing traffic to strategically placed kiosks inside your business.

Improve Order Accuracy

Ensure customers receive exactly what they ordered every single time. Give customers the power to self-modify and customize orders at their convenience.

Effective Upselling

Our automated upselling features enhance your customer experience, going as far as suggesting menu items based on previous order history.

Increase Employee Happiness

Turn your employees into customer service champs! Free up your staffs’ time to focus on providing an enhanced customer experience to all diners while the kiosks handle customers.

The GRUBBRR Difference

Benefit from an out of the box solution and enhance your customer satisfaction.

Complete Ecosystem

On average, we replace 8 software tools needed to run your business, in the most intuitive way possible.

Simple & Efficient

Monitor multiple revenue streams (Kiosk, POS, Online Ordering) from one simple cloud-based dashboard.

Know Your Customer

Interact and upsell based on your customers trends, enhance their experience and encourage loyalty.

World Class Support

We partner with you every step of the way. From install to training, our biggest priority is your success.

Get Started

GRUBBRR self-ordering kiosks bring automation to your business through a fully integrated platform. Indoor or outdoor, choose from a variety of sizes and hardware mounts to create the perfect self-service system for your business.