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Customer Story

La Nueva Fe Bakery

La Nueva Fe is a Latin bakery located in Hialeah, Florida. A local favorite, the bakery offers desserts, sandwiches, pastries and decorated cakes, and prides itself on using locally sourced, fresh, and authentic ingredients. According to the bakery’s manager, their employees serve a small community. While popularity has its advantages, it has drawbacks as well.

Streamlining the System

Tom Ren, manager of La Nueva Fe, says that the previous payment system they used was rather complicated, but with GRUBBRR’s POS system, operations now run very smoothly.


GRUBBRR’s POS system effectively streamlines operations. It’s easy to manage with clear graphics and simple user interface, allowing owners to add or change menu items, oversee customer orders, and save customers’ information like email and phone numbers. It utilizes a cloud reporting system that stores real-time data on employees, inventory and customers, accessible to owners anytime, anywhere.


“We can see the stats online, and that’s pretty great,” Ren explains. “Adding items to the system is really easy for me once I got a hold of it.”


GRUBBRR’s system also helps businesses manage employees. It includes clock-in and clock-out functions so business owners can oversee employees’ total work hours and assess performance.

Navigating Holiday Chaos

The first GRUBBRR products that attracted La Nueva Fe were the self-ordering kiosks.


The bakery is already busy during normal hours, and they have special menu offerings on certain holidays, like the Halloween “ With orders flowing in from both in-store and online, holidays at La Nueva Fe can become quite hectic.


“Usually, employees really don’t have much time,” Ren says, “So the self-ordering kiosks really got [our] eye.”


GRUBBRR’s self-ordering kiosks allow customers to order at their own pace and provide upselling options to enhance customer experience and generate higher revenues. These kiosks eliminate lines and liberate employees for other tasks, such as preparing orders or delivery service.


GRUBBRR stays in contact with all its clients. The company will check in regularly with La Nueva Fe on their usage of the self-ordering kiosks and help with their progress.

Overcoming Language Barriers

La Nueva Fe is an “all-Spanish” bakery, so many employees are Spanish-speakers. You can see them making small talk and making people very comfortable,” Ren says.


As some employees may not speak or understand English, there are several customers who feel like the language barrier affects their experience at the bakery. If anything, it can complicate the ordering process. “I’m torn between giving them 5 stars and 1 star…this place is solo en Español and they don’t even try to speak English,” Yelp user Michael S. complains.


With GRUBBRR’s self-ordering kiosks, English-speaking customers can order for themselves without having to worry about a language barrier. The kiosks’ system is in English and has a simple user interface with high-resolution photos of each menu item. Ordering autonomously doesn’t take away La Nueva Fe’s friendly service from customers, because they can still engage in small talks with the bakery’s employees while waiting for their desserts, pastries or sandwiches.


At GRUBBRR, we are proud of our role in helping La Nueva Fe improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Find out more about how we can help you here.