With technology becoming more and more advanced in a constantly changing world, it’s no surprise that people hesitate to use itWhen the iPhone came out, people feared that touch screen cell phones were too complicated. When Siri was announced, people believed that robots were going to become too intelligent. People worry that as technology becomes more complex and futuristic, it will take joband cause mass unemployment. Other technological advancements raise privacy concerns regarding facial recognition software that can store banking accounts and home addresses. It’s inevitable: machinery is going to become more advanced and intelligent, but that doesn’t mean that people should fear the future. Here are key ways your business can make it more approachable. 

User-friendly interface 

Consumers want things to be simple, friendly, and familiar. Itessential that businesses keep their technology user-friendly for all consumers. This primarily starts at the layout of the kiosk’s menu. What is the first thing the consumer should see when they approach the kiosk? Large images of your products accompanied by a friendly font and warm colors will make the consumer feel welcome and comfortable. According to multiple studies, warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy. Cooler colors might have the opposite effect. The interface of the kiosk should be simple and require little effort. If the ordering or payment process is too confusing, customers will surely get frustrated and seek out a cashier. While the software continues to grow more complex, the hardware should appear simple and sleek to the consumer’s eye. 

A familiar voice 

Thankfully, conversational technology is on the rise. This type of interface responds to more than general commands it’s capable of holding full conversations. Conversational machinery is scary to many because it is almost human-like, and many people are hesitant to hold a conversation with a kiosk that speaks back. However, developing a voice that is familiar and friendly to the average human being is key to keeping this new technology approachable. Also, it’s likely the consumer will feel more comfortable speaking to a machine if they are looking at a picture of a friendly face alongside a human-like voice. The consumer should feel like they are speaking to another human being, so replicating this experience both visually and auditorily will make the tech easier to get adjusted to. 

Consumers shouldn’t be intimidated by advancing technology, but rather embrace it as societal progress. The goal of new machinery is to make processes quicker for the business, and more efficient for the consumer. There’s no reason this can’t be accomplished in a pleasant way.