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Connect the Front and Back of the House Like Never Before

GRUBBRR’s innovative approach to kiosk ordering connects your customers’ orders directly to your kitchen, instantly streamlining order processing. Want to find out how GRUBBRR can help take your restaurant to the next level?


Kiosk Ordering

Give your customer more power over their orders with GRUBBRR’s award-winning kiosk ordering software. Our software is designed with the customers in mind, with a simple to use User Interface.


Kitchen Display System

Stay connected with GRUBBRR’s Kitchen Display System (KDS). Connected to the kiosks, you’ll be notified when a new order comes in, and since it was the customer who placed it, you can be confident that every order is exactly what the customer wants.

Interested in seeing how GRUBBRR can help grow your business?


Increase Ticket Sales

Restaurants that have implemented GRUBBRR’s kiosk ordering ecosystem within their restaurant have seen an increase of 50% in their ticket sales due to smarter upselling technology.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer experience by providing your customers with more power over their orders. When customers order through kiosks, they have more control over their order and are more likely to walk away satisfied.


Decrease Unstable Labor Costs

Our Kiosk systems are able to take orders, process payments, and even upsell directly to your customers, so that you can focus on running the back end of your restaurant.

Still don’t believe us? See how one restaurant while others closed their doors during a worldwide pandemic.

Interested in seeing how GRUBBRR can help grow your business?

Want to see how GRUBBRR can integrate into your business?
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