GRUBBRR is Ready to Meet this Moment

Businesses are used to adaption and change. As technology develops, commerce develops, too, always capitalizing on the latest innovation. But just three months ago, the world changed so fast that it didn’t leave time for restaurants and retailers to react. Businesses didn’t just have to adapt – they had to transform, seemingly overnight. The public health demands of the COVID-19 pandemic required restaurants to eliminate in-person ordering systems and offer new curbside and delivery options.

While restaurants are slowly beginning to reopen, no one is under the illusion that things will just return to normal. Customers will continue to fear person-to-person contact at least until public health improves substantially. The need for restaurants to rethink their ordering systems and become contactless has never been stronger or clearer.

In this moment, as business owners everywhere are navigating new ways to serve their customers, GRUBBRR stands ready to meet this immense challenge for its clients.

GRUBBRR isn’t a startup that was created just to help businesses cope with the post-COVID-19 world. It’s a scalable business that has been innovating and developing contactless ordering systems before the pandemic even started. GRUBBRR’s automated solutions were designed with efficiency and optimization in mind since its very beginning.

What GRUBBRR offers isn’t just a way to stay afloat – it’s a way for businesses to seize this opportunity to grow and improve their operations. With GRUBBRR’s products, businesses will be able to take and fulfill orders more quickly than before.

They’ll improve customer order accuracy as they eliminate complicated ticket systems that create headaches for managers and employees. In short, they’ll make an investment in improving their least efficient infrastructure for the long term.

From self-ordering kiosks and menu display boards to point of sale and contactless delivery systems, GRUBBRR’s full suite of software and hardware represents an update to a restaurant’s entire ecosystem. It’s an update that made sense to embrace before the pandemic but makes even more sense now. GRUBBRR has spent years developing and refining these technologies and overseeing its manufacture and implementation. GRUBBRR isn’t new to automation, even though your business might be considering it for the very first time right now.

That’s why GRUBBRR is ready to meet this moment and partner with you. Whether you’re looking for an efficiency overhaul, or just a few adjustments that can integrate with your existing systems, GRUBBRR has you covered all the way from COVID-19 safety precautions to long term business operationalization strategies.

However, the challenge every business is facing right now requires more than just technology and expertise. Those are a baseline – a bare minimum. What growth-oriented business owners need right now is a commitment to change. Restaurants of the future won’t look the way they do right now. Reimagining a restaurant’s physical space and workforce is certainly no small task, but eventually, it will be necessary in order to compete. That’s where automation can change any industry.

The pandemic took business owners everywhere by surprise. While business owners couldn’t control its devastating consequences, they can control how they respond. It’s critical right now to use this moment to get ahead of the curve and invest in your business’ long term growth. It’s not an easy step, and there isn’t one right way to do it. But this much is certain: GRUBBRR will be with you every step of the way.

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