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The Ultimate Ghost Kitchen Experience

Ghost Kitchens are popping up all around the world, and GRUBBRR is here to help bring our innovative and cutting-edge technology to help make yours stand out. Make sure your customers get exactly what they order, every time they order, with GRUBBRR’s optimized kiosk ordering eco-system.


All Your Customer’s Favorite Dishes, All in One Place

Your customers buy with their eyes, and GRUBBRR makes that even easier with our easy to understand ordering system. Our clients have reported up to 50% increase in ticket sizes thanks to the upselling capabilities of our kiosk systems.


Eliminate Unnecessary Labor Costs.

With our easy-to-order kiosk software, your customers put in their order directly to your KDS, so you know that every order is exactly what the customer wants.


All While Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Your customers get exactly what they want, every time. Having customers place their orders through GRUBBRR’s kiosk ordering software helps minimize incorrect ordering, increasing customer satisfaction.

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See how GRUBBRR is bringing cutting-edge innovation to the Ghost Kitchen Market.

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