COVID-19 Has Made The Cashier Obsolete

Introducing the $1/Hour Covid Solution For Restaurants

GRUBBRR’s Self-Ordering Technology Is Saving The Restaurant Industry

Instantly Increase Revenue

Take advantage of GRUBBRR’s smart upselling technology by consistently offering each customer add-ons to their orders.

Decrease Labor Costs Immediately

Cut down on unstable labor costs by focusing your staff on important back of house duties while your customers place their orders with GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology.

Improve Customer Experience

By having your customers place their orders through GRUBBRR, you can be confident that every order going to your kitchen is correct, reducing food waste and increasing customer satisfaction.

See How GRUBBRR Helped One Florida Restaurant Chain
GROW during the pandemic

GRUBBRR’s Self-Ordering Ecosystem
Explore GRUBBRR’s suite of self-ordering solutions

Eliminate lines and increase revenue

Reduce expenses and maximize efficiency

Ensure security of all cash payments

Self Ordering Kiosks

Improve customer experience
with scheduled pick-ups

Highly customizable and adaptable

Minimize human contact

Food Lockers

Reduce expenses with flat-rate fees and zero additional set-up costs

Drive up revenue and draw in new customers

Online Ordering

Reduce costs with intuitive machine learning technology

Put the customer back in charge

A completely contactless payment process

Automated Checkout

Easy-access menus and ordering with multiple payment options

Shorter lines and faster payments for happier customers

Save on menu-updating costs

NFC Tags & Stickers

Improve customer experience with a portable order and payment processor

Reduce expenses by eliminating the need for an intermediary

Prioritize health safety by minimizing human contact

Line Buster

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