GRUBBRR Benefits

Benefit from an out of the box solution and enhances your customer and employee satisfaction.

Exceptional Technology

The GRUBBRR ecosystem of products offers everything you need, from the front of the house to the back, to be at the forefront of business automation technology.

On average, we replace 8 software tools needed to run your business, in the most intuitive way possible.

Complete Operationalization

GRUBBRR is a complete ecosystem that will enable you to operationalize your entire business.

Realtime Syncing

Your entire system syncs in realtime. Kiosk, POS, Kitchen Display, it’s all connected. Easily monitor everything from the admin backend.

Simple & Efficient

Monitor multiple revenue streams (Kiosk, POS, Online Ordering) from one simple cloud-based dashboard.

Happy Customers & Employees

With GRUBBRR you create an ordering and experience relationship that will excite your customers and delight your employees. Interact and upsell based on your customers trends, enhance their experience and encourage loyalty.

World Class Support

We partner with you every step of the way. From install to training, our biggest priority is your success.

Get Started

GRUBBRR brings automation to your business through a fully integrated platform. Indoor or outdoor, choose from a variety of hardware and technology solutions to create the perfect self-service system for your business.