3 Ways GRUBBRR’s Online Ordering Will Save Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused restaurants to undergo drastic changes just to keep the lights on. No business will emerge unscathed as everyone will suffer at least a small loss in revenue or a period of closure. Restaurants that aren’t so lucky were forced to close their doors permanently or lay off important members of their staff.

As the United States begins to allow restaurants to reopen, customers have their rightful reservations about dining in at their favorite local eatery.

“Is it safe?”

“What if my waiter has coronavirus?”

“Is my mask enough to protect me?”

“How can I be sure that table is six feet away from mine?” 

Customers will be asking these questions and many more as they remain concerned for their safety for months and potentially years after this pandemic ends. The best way to reassure customers that their concerns are not only being heard but also addressed by restaurants is with GRUBBRR’s Online Ordering System.

  1. Cheaper Than Third-Party Delivery

It’s no secret that third-party delivery services like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash hurt businesses more than they help them, with some restaurants losing roughly 65 percent of their sales through that service to the provider.

GRUBBRR’s Online Ordering system follows a flat fee model meaning restaurants have to pay one fee regardless of how of their revenue. This allows restaurants to not only pay less than they would to work with a third-party service, but also provides consistency with their expenses.

We at GRUBBRR even offer a 90-day free trial and don’t charge setup fees. Our Online Ordering software allows restaurants to easily promote their own delivery service so that more profits are directed to the restaurant and not to a third-party service.

  1. Safety First

Safety concerns about eating out have plagued restaurants for years before the COVID-19 pandemic and will only be amplified in its wake.

Most estimates anticipate a timeline of 12-18 months to develop a coronavirus vaccine. Once a vaccine is fully developed, it will take time to vaccinate everyone and even longer for the public to feel comfortable about eating out to the same extent they did before COVID-19 struck.

The Online Ordering platform gives restaurants an easy way to provide their customers with a delivery platform that’s modern and safe. Restaurants can’t operate at 50 percent capacity, as many states have only just started allowing, for two years, so they must adapt to the concerns of their customers to stay in business.

In the age of the coronavirus, safety is a customer’s biggest concern, and GRUBBRR’s Online Ordering platform gives restaurants an easy opportunity to quell it.

  1. Long Term Advantages

GRUBBRR’s Online Ordering system helps restaurants do more than just assure customers’ immediate concerns related to the coronavirus.

It can easily integrate into a restaurant makeover, complete with our Point of Sales System and Self-Ordering Kiosks.

Dining out is certain to look different after the coronavirus pandemic ends for a number of reasons, many of which relate to safety. However, restaurants were shifting toward automated systems and kiosks long before anybody knew about COVID-19.

Restaurants will now be tasked with achieving the inevitable modernization of their business model while also improving their safety in a post-COVID-19 world.

Online Ordering will not only mitigate the damage inflicted by the coronavirus in the short term but also help restaurants modernize their operations and image in the long term.

So take control of your Online Ordering system! 

For a free 90-day Online Ordering trial for your restaurant, contact info@grubbrr.com or schedule an appointment here.